Saturday, July 31, 2010

Two Special Cakes for Two Special Kids

Not exactly kids anymore.

My daughter Missy turned 13 on the 28th.  We got her all girly things fit for a new teenager...a nice shirt paired with black denim jeans, a small shoulder bag, a wallet, a book on "becoming a teen with passion and purpose", and a Little Kitchen children's cookbook

I also made her a birthday cake, of course....chocolate chiffon with strawberry whipped cream filling and frosting.

I, daresay, this is one of the best cakes I have ever made!  I love how it is clean and simple, with a taste so light and fresh.  Everybody raved about it!

Today, the 31st, is my son Joseph's turn to celebrate his birthday.  He turned 15.  He has the biggest appetite in the family but thankfully, he is also the sportiest one.  He loves basketball, footy and soccer.  We gave him a Pulse Heart Rate monitor/watch which I think really suits him.  He would certainly love to know how many calories he burns each time he is active!

I asked Joseph a few weeks ago what cake theme he preferred, LA Lakers or his favourite AFL club.  He chose the Essendon Bombers!  So, red and black it was...

This is a three layered red velvet cake frosted with boiled icing. 

It was a really bit too sweet for me!  I think for this one, I was more concerned with getting the colours right rather than making something I would love to eat a lot of!

The next birthday in the family is more than two months away.  Whew! That would at least give me time to rest from cake-making and hopefully, time as well to lose the kilos I've gained from eating so much cake!

We're off now to eat dinner out. Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday wishes to both of your kids and congrats on yet two more wonderful cakes, your designs are inspiring and the pics are totally mouth watering!
    Well done!
    Doreen : )

  2. My Son is a BOMBERS fan and he thought this cake was awesome!! He will be 15 in Jnauary, but wont be getting a cake like that!!!! He is allergic to egg and dairy... Thats my excuse anyway!