Monday, August 3, 2015

Cookie Overload Cake

Image credit: Baskin Robbins website

As mentioned in my previous post, the Cookie Overload cake is a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake. In their website, this cake is described as "a combination of Chocolate and Vanilla Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, frosted with chocolate whipped cream topping and garnished with chocolate cookie crumbs and whole chocolate sandwich cookies."

Translated into chiffon cake, this is what I came up with.  

Very similar in appearance to the ice cream cake though a bit darker.
To be honest, there is no reason to get all excited over this cake! It is nothing new really - basically the same inside as this other cake.  The only differences are: 1) the frosting (which is actually made in the same way but with cocoa powder added to it); and 2) how the Oreo cookies are used for garnishing.

To make this cake, you will need more Oreo cookies, about 22-27 in total - 9 for the vanilla-Oreo chiffon, 12 for crushing and 1 (or up to 6) for garnishing.

First thing you need to do is bake your two cakes - one 8" round chocolate chiffon cake (recipe here) and one 8" round vanilla chiffon cake (recipe here).  As suggested by one of our readers, fold 9 (instead of 6) coarsely chopped up Oreo cookies into the vanilla chiffon cake batter. 

Before starting to assemble your cake, it is best to get the crushed up Oreos ready.  To do this, you need to remove the cream centers of 12 Oreos. Place the separated cookies in a Ziploc bag and bash with a rolling pin until they turn into a combination of small and finely crushed pieces..

Next, prepare your chocolate whipped cream.  For my frosting, I made the mistake of using 1/2 cup of dutch-processed cocoa powder which actually was a bit too much - the cream ended up with a slight bitter taste and also, it became darker than it needed to be.  To repair it, I had to add a little more whipping cream and sugar.  Thankfully, it turned out ok.

When making your chocolate whipped cream, use the same recipe here but beat in just 1/4 cup up to a maximum of 3/8 cup of cocoa powder with the cream cheese. Proceed with the rest of the steps in the same manner.  In order to get a smooth frosting, it is important that the cocoa powder is very well incorporated with the cream cheese before adding it into the whipped cream. 

To assemble the cake, you can trim the two chiffon cakes to 2" high.  (This is actually just my preference.  You can use half of each cake or whatever height you prefer.)  Place your chocolate layer onto the cake board, spread some of the chocolate whipped cream, then top with the vanilla-Oreo layer.

Next, cover the whole cake smoothly with the chocolate whipped cream. (I didn't bother to crumb coat, so the side of my cake is not perfectly crumb-free!)

Take your reserved crushed Oreos and gently press them onto the lower third of your cake.  This step is messy so make sure you have a tray underneath to catch all the excess cookie crumbs.

Fill a piping bag fitted with a large star tip (like 1M) with the remaining chocolate whipped cream. Pipe a shell border around the cake bottom and six equally spaced swirls along the top edge.  In between each swirl, scatter more of the crushed cookies.  Garnish with whole Oreos - use just one cookie if you want the Baskin Robbins look or add 5 more for a more balanced finish.

A cake slice looks like this.

I know it's not a very clean representation of the cut cake but you get the picture, don't you?

Hope you like it!


  1. Good day,

    I made this cake and my family loved it, especially the icing. My vanilla layer was a little darker than yours though because I think I crushed the oreos too much.Thank you for sharing. I love your posts!


  2. I made this cake for my godson's birthday; it's his favorite cake now because according to him "the frosting tastes like chocolate milk!"

    I was happy with using 5 tablespoons of Droste Dutched cocoa for the frosting. To heighten the chocolate flavor, I added a 1/2 teaspoon of chocolate extract. One thing I did notice is that the chocolate flavor in the frosting deepens as it sits; I assume it's because the cocoa powder hydrates.

    Thanks for sharing this mutation of your cake!

  3. Hello po Ate Corinne! I wanna make this cake for my dad's birthday, but I have a few questions;

    1.) Is it okay to use a non-stick pan and just dust it with some flour?
    2.)Can I use Swiss meringue buttercream instead of whipped cream?
    3.) Do I wrap the cakes in cling wrap after they've cooled or immediately after being taken out of the oven?

    Thanks Po!

  4. To answer your questions:
    1) If you use a non-stick pan, your cake will rise but will pull away from the pan after it bakes and will sink. Dusting it with flour will make your pan even more non-stick!
    2) Of course you can use SMBC but it will be a different cake than what is posted here.
    3) You need to completely cool down your cake before taking out of the pan. Then you wrap it.

  5. Pwede po ba kung aluminum pan ung gagamitin?