Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birthday, Christening, Baby Shower and Wedding

The proper order should be the other way around, don't you think????  Funny.

This was actually the order in which the occasions for my cakes happened within the last 10 days. The cakes were for different people of course!  


This cake was for my son's friend.  It was sort of a rush job but I couldn't say no because the boy seemed so excited about it. I stared at Yoshi pictures for hours and hours, not knowing how to begin.  Then at 11pm, while waiting for my older son to come home from work, I decided to sit down and make an attempt.  I finished it an hour later and was just amazed at how I miraculously managed to do it!

I know it looks quite simple but the pressure point here (at least for me) was the head.  Look at how big that nose is!


I made baby booties at first then trashed it.  And I'm happy that I did because I reckon the whole thing turned out much better.

The angel tutorial can be found here - Part I, Part II and Part III.  It is very easy to do and the resulting angel is very cute, complete with beaded halo.  I used a butterfly cutter for the wings instead of a template.  As for the baby, I totally just winged it.  Simple but adorable, yeah?


I love baby showers and I really enjoy making baby stuff .  Remember this and this?  

Anyway, I was invited to a baby shower today but unfortunately, was not able to make it because of another commitment.  As much as I wanted to sew something, I couldn't as I was also busy throughout the week.  I promised the mom to-be that I'd make a cake for her though, so that I did.

Again, the teddy bear is quite simple to do.  Something anyone can finish in one sitting.


Thank goodness my friend requested for a single-tiered wedding cake for her cousin. Wedding cakes are just not my kind of thing.  They are daunting.

The wedding colour was purple, so naturally, the bride and groom wanted a purple yam (ube) cake.  I was very happy with how this cake turned out.  It is not elaborate as most wedding cakes are, but I really think keeping things simple is the right way to go.

So that's about everything for now.  Next weekend, my husband is a wedding sponsor and you know what? As his present to the bride and groom, he offered to provide the wedding cake/cupcakes. Guess who's going to do all the hard labour? Sigh.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Lovely cakes Corinne, I am new to baking and still learning..How long could you keep the cake to stay fresh and safe to eat after icing? Thanks a lot. I keep following your blog...

    1. I am sorry I cannot say for sure but as long as it is stored in a proper container or box and refrigerated, it will be ok for several days. If it is exposed, the cake will dry out.

  2. Hi again miss corinne,ask ko lang po sana if you're still using the whipped cream cheese frosting in your ube cake with fondant decorations?i have baked your ube cake recipe for so many times now and everytime i always use the crumbs.thank you po. -catherine

    1. Catherine,

      When I have to decorate an ube cake, I frost it with buttercream, not the whipped cream frosting.

  3. Thank you ms. Corrine,i will try to use ube flavored swiss meringue buttercream.i hope it will still taste yummy.because your whipped cream cheese frosting is just so perfect with the ube cake.thanks again.-catherine

  4. Hi Ms Corrine!

    Its me again! I am addicted to your website now. Already tried your ube cake and caramel cake and they are sooo good. Now I feel professional cake maker na he he. My friends love your blog too! I will now start doing the decorations inspired from your cake designs. Just a question po do you use gumpaste din po ba for the names and the side designs of the cake? Im just wondering po kasi if I use fondant/ gumpaste it might melt po once sticked in the buttercream Icing? Then sa sides it might slide down? Do you use any technique? Thanks again for being soo generous of your talent. God bless

    1. The gumpaste decorations in direct contact with the buttercream icing does soften after a while. If you notice, all of my centerpieces are in a round base. There is actually a cardboard round underneath so my figures do not touch the buttercream and they stay dry and hard. They can be kept as keepsakes after.

      The ones on the sides of the cake do not slide off. I attach them while the buttercream is still soft.

  5. hi corinne, would you mind to share your buttercream frosting recipe and the gumpaste? thanks.


    1. Buttercream recipe is in this blog with the Mocha Chiffon cake recipe. I use store-bought gumpaste.