Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Snapping Out of the Sewing Slump

So......after being in a sewing slump for about three weeks, I finally snapped out of it and completed this new project. The idea of making a messenger bag for myself has long been on my mind. It took a while, though, for me to clearly visualize how I was going to go about sewing it. I believe it was only last week that I had actually put it all together. I wanted one with a zip top closure apart from the flap (for better security), but I had doubts I could pull that off as I had not done anything like it before. And then it came...the epiphany...and appropriately enough, I was at church when I suddenly figured out how I was going to do it!

And so, here it is...my new messenger bag.

The main colour is navy blue (my favourite). The flap, sides and lining material is a lovely corduroy with paisley prints. Both fabrics are remnants from previous projects.

This is the side/back view showing the zippered back pocket.

With the flap open, the top zip panel is revealed, as well as the two front pockets and magnetic snap closure.

I am mighty proud of how I made this top closure. The use of an open-end zipper made the process much less complicated.

This is the inside view showing the slip pocket.

Another view of the inside, this time with some library books just to give you an idea of the bag's size. It is pretty roomy.

And finally, with the strap fully extended, hanging on my bedroom door.

Finished bag size is 10" (H) x 11" (W) x 3" (D). Strap is about 41" long.

Incidentally, my sewing machine started acting crazy just as I was about to finish this. I could not figure out what was wrong with it so in the end, I wasn't able to topstitch the top edge of the bag. No big deal really. But I sure hope my machine gets fixed or I may be on my way to another slump again...


  1. This is the best messenger bag ever!!! I always need zippers for security but I'm very lazy to sew more than one...your bags look always sooooo professional :D

  2. Hey Alicia, Thank you for always giving nice comments about my work. I appreciate it!

  3. do you have a pattern for this messenger bag? How did you do the zipper? (out of all the bags I have seen so far in about my month of research this is definitly the best!!)

  4. Hi Kaylin, You might have just missed it. I do have a tutorial for this messenger bag in this blog. Look it up in the Tutorials/Recipes Category.
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Love the bags... have you thought about selling them?

  6. Hi southerngal, Yes, I am considering selling them in the future...but not until I upgrade to a better sewing machine!