Friday, February 19, 2016

Piping stars

I don't buy fondant or gumpaste anymore.  For my purpose (which is just to mould simple figures or cut out letters), it's simply a complete waste of money.  I buy a whole packet, use up only a little bit, then keep the excess, which in most likelihood will be past its expiry date before it's to be needed again. So, I'm not buying that thing ever again.

Lately, I've taken a liking to piping stars with buttercream instead! The process is a bit back-breaking BUT the results are as effective and beautiful as using say, an edible image or fondant cutouts.

Spongebob Squarepants
Minecraft creeper
George Pig

I have actually done this technique several times before (ex.  this Hello Kitty cake and this Octonaut cake) but it is only lately that I have really come to enjoy it plus I think my piping has gotten a little better too!

To do this type of cake, all you really need is an image to copy from. Also, a small star tip (#16) is best as it will give a more even and not too thick layer of icing on top. For more detailed designs, it might be good to trace it into the crumb-coated cake.  But for simpler ones, like the Deadpool cake above, doing it freehand is no problem at all.  I used to think this was difficult but really, once you have outlined the image, all you will need to do is fill them in with stars, much like colouring by numbers.  How hard can that be?

Try it sometime.  You will love it!