Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Christmas Wish

Wish I could share this giant cupcake....

Wish I could send these macarons your way...

But since I just can't, I hope you will just take...

My very warmest greetings on this day of Jesus' birthday!

From my family to yours, have a blessed Christmas season.  May you all have joy, peace, love and hope for the coming new year!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Recently, it was macarons.  Then it became the giant cupcake.  You know what my new favourite thing is?


I know it's quite old-fashioned (as far as cake decorating is concerned)....but it's definitely the new best thing for me!

First cake was for a 4-year old who wanted to be a princess in a pink gown with a white crown...

Then it was a wedding-style mocha cake.

And lastly, just today and as requested, I decorated this two-tiered Disney Princess-themed cake for a 15-year old birthday girl!

I think the garlands make the cake sides really pretty.  Don't you think so too?

Interested? All you need to make perfect, evenly spaced garlands is an inexpensive Wilton garland marker and a piping tip such as my ruffle tip #88. Try it sometime!