Wednesday, July 3, 2013


What is the fuss about this stuff?  I just want to know. 

The supposedly famous cookie butter isn't available in supermarkets here so it wasn't that easy to research.  Surprisingly, I found the dutch spiced cookies.

I am not a big fan of anything spiced but these cookies were alright I guess.  It's not something I would think of buying again though.  No one else was attracted to it in our household.  Perhaps it was the foreign sounding name or the word 'spiced' that scared them off.

I found the bottled cookie butter online, in a Dutch shop.  The original Speculoos cost me $7.65 while the crunchy one, a bit more at $8.65.  Plus I had to pay for shipping.  Pricey compared to similar sized peanut butter or Nutella.  Curiosity can be expensive, don't you think so?

I had an initial taste with a teaspoon.  Yum, I liked it.  But the next day, I tried it on bread and it absolutely didn't work for me.  Cookies in a sandwich doesn't cut it for me. Yeah, peanut butter or Nutella still wins.

Next, I made some Speculoos macarons.  They looked really beautiful and enticing. I figured that if I put this thing on macarons, my kids would devour them.  

I was youngest son didn't even bother going anywhere near it when I told him what it was.  The macarons did get eaten eventually.  Slowly.  I had to ask my daughter to bring some to school to give away. 

A friend suggested speculoos ice cream.  That was a great idea as I've been making ice cream constantly this past month or so.  Even though it's winter here. 

This thing was soooooo creamy.  I could not eat more than one scoop at a time.  Usually, a batch of homemade ice cream (about 1.5 liters) lasts no more than 2 days in our house.  This speculoos ice cream has been in the freezer for about a week.  It is nearly finished now.  Just like the macarons, it is going ever so slowly.

So again, what's the fuss about speculoos?  You tell me.