Friday, July 15, 2011


My dad and mother in-law share the same birthday.  Both of them are celebrating milestones this year, on the 27th of September - my dad is turning 85 while my mother in-law will be 70.

It's always difficult to think of what to give people who are at this stage in their lives.  Certainly, material things are the least of their needs.

I decided to make two special rosaries from kits I purchased from this online shop. What I know for sure are that both celebrants to-be, both prayerful persons, will appreciate these rosaries and be able to use them.  With carpal tunnel syndrome on both of my hands, I struggled quite a bit and had to stop every couple of beads.  Still, I managed to finish the two rosaries in a few hours. Not a bad job (though not all my loops were as rounded as I used to do them).

For my dad, I chose sapphire glass beads, pewter crucifix and center with blue stones.  I  had the back of the crucifix engraved with 'DAD' and the date of his birthday.

For my mother in-law, I used mother of pearl beads with matching gold pewter crucifix and center.

I gave my own mother a similar rosary a couple of years before she passed away in 2009.  When we laid her to rest, she held that rosary in her hand.  Although I know that the rosary is just buried under the ground and most likely all rusty by now, I still feel that my mother has brought it with her to heaven and she is always praying for me.

I wish I could fly back home to give the rosaries personally, especially to my father, but circumstances do not allow me to do so at this time.  My husband will though, as he has been planning his trip and reunion with his family for some time now.  I will be asking him to bring them for me.

So...that's about it for now.  For those who have been anticipating the release of my travel wallet pattern, I am embarrassed to admit that I have not quite done it yet.  Promise....I'll get to that soon.