Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saying thanks...

Before anything else,  let me just thank all those who left messages on my previous post. Seriously, I did not expect anyone to comment, more so, offer words of comfort and encouragement.  

I believe that people who take time to comment like that show that they are genuinely interested, not only in what I do but in who I am.  Again, thank you.  I came to realize that although we come from different places and races, we do share the same human experiences after all.  And that makes us no different from one another.

I, of course, have not forgotten that we have been brought together, first and foremost,  by our same love for sewing and crafting in general, and so...

Here it is, the final version of my small wallet (after making 6 variations!).

This wallet has several differences from the very first version.  The main fabric is lined with fusible fleece instead of stiff interfacing, making the wallet quite thick but soft.  It has 6 card slots rather than 3.  Also, the zippered compartment on the outside is a little larger.  There is no keyring attachment on this but putting one would always be an option.

I worked double time for the past two days on making the instructions.  The eBook is now listed on my shop.  As always, I promise you clear, straightforward directions and loads of accompanying photos.

Hope I am successfully keeping you gals interested enough to come back here.  Have fun!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do I bore you?

I know for a fact that most of you found this blog and continue to come here because of the sewing I do. That is precisely why, for the most part, I talk about nothing else but just that.

I am always apprehensive to write about some other aspect of my life for fear of becoming boring. I'm not the best writer to start with and I live a pretty plain and monotonous life...(in all honesty, though, that is really fine with me.)

Should I be telling you how two months after my mom passed away, I still cry every single day? Last night, before going to sleep, my little son asked, "I wonder what lola (grandma) is doing in heaven?" To which I answered, "I know she is happy there. I always remember her." And then he said, "Oh no, why did I have to remind you? You're going to cry again." I dreamt of my mom and woke up weeping.

Should I be telling you how I've already lost 8 pounds in the last three weeks? I did mention before that I wanted to lose some weight. I am aiming for 5 more pounds.

Should I be telling you how my 13-year old son's Maths teacher asked to see me this afternoon? My son failed his last test in the recent school term and the teacher is probably concerned. You see, he is kind of 'gifted' in this area and is in fact one of the few in what they call 'Enrichment Maths Class' in his year level. Never thought it was possible for him to fail...

Well, I guess I shouldn't be talking about gibberish and get on with my crafting...

I've been trying out different versions of my kiddie wallet in the past few days. These two come closest to what the final version will be. And it won't be just for kids...

I've lined these with fusible fleece and am really liking the soft, padded feel.  I've been opening and closing them countless times. Can't get enough of the cuteness.

Oh well, that's it for now. I'll carry on with my life now. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sweet Kiddie Wallet

While walking around the mall last Tuesday, my daughter and I chanced upon a small stall selling a variety of cute handmade stuff.  The man minding the stall looked Japanese to me so I just assumed the goods came from Japan (or maybe China or Korea?).  The handmade wallets and bags looked really lovely and dainty but when I inspected them closely, the quality of the stitching was a little disappointing.  They were also too flimsy for my liking.  

The wallets were expensive as well.  A small one cost from $12-15 AUD and most didn't even have a coin compartment.  Call me tight, but that's just me.  I am hard to please, especially so because I know exactly how these things are made.  Of course my daughter loved the stuff, especially the wallets.  I told her I could easily make her one that's even better and it would cost me a lot less.

And so I got to work yesterday.  Another day, another challenge.  

The front (see the keyring?) and the back with zippered coin compartment

Opened, card slots on the left and pocket on the right and long pocket for cash

Made my daughter really happy.

As for me, I am happy too.  For the quality I wanted, I would say it only cost me $2.50, or even less. And I learned to make something new again.  Perhaps another eBook coming?

PS. The shop promo is still on.  Visit my Etsy store, ok?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! Happy 100th post!

Happy Easter everyone!  And happy 100th post to me!

In my previous entry, I showed you a new bag I made. Here it is again with more photos...

I call this one the 'Simple and Classy' Handbag. It is a medium-sized handbag that closes with a flap and magnetic snap, 11 ½” wide at the top, 12 ½” tall, about  12 ½” at its widest point, with a darted bottom.  It also has a zippered pocket inside.  A great compact size for everyday use!

The pattern and instructions for this bag are all compiled in a 28-page eBook which will be made available on my Etsy shop starting on the 19th of April, next Sunday.

As my way of sharing Easter joy with all of you, I am having a special shop promotion starting today, the 12th of April till Saturday, the 18th...

Get this for FREE....

Say that again??? For every Lily Handbag eBook purchase,  you will get the new Simple and Classy Handbag eBook absolutely FREE!

But remember, the promo is till the 18th only.  After that, the eBook will cost $8 USD on my shop.

Head on over to Etsy now!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cutting Frenzy

I do not like cutting fabric. I enjoy sewing but not the cutting bit. But for lack of anything more interesting to do, I decided to bring out my stash of fabric scraps and started cutting. For the last two days, I have been cutting 2 1/2" squares...and as I don't have a rotary cutter, I have been doing this with scissors. Not an enjoyable task but I continued on just the same.

I had no intention of making anything with the squares right away. But then,  I just couldn't resist quickly trying out
this tutorial.

I haven't stopped sewing since! 

How cute are these patchwork drawstring bags?

And they are completely reversible!

Couldn't stop at just two...made one more!

The reverse...recognize that fabric?

Once I had the squares ready, the sewing process was really not that tedious.  I can definitely say I had a wonderful time even!

I still have loads of squares left and still more scraps to cut out, and so expect more patchwork projects from me really soon...

I don't really know if you are aware that this is my 99th post.  So...should you anticipate some sort of giveaway come my 100th post?  Sure, why not!  That will happen around Easter so come back then, ok?  The 'giveaway' will have something to do with this...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight Talk

I am currently trying to lose some weight.  

No, I'm not obese...I'm not even overweight.  I am 5'3" tall and 123 lbs. heavy, with a Body Mass Index of 21.8.  Seems normal, yes?  Although I don't consider myself physically super fit,  I reckon I'm pretty healthy for my age.  I don't see the need for me to take any vitamin supplements of any kind. I simply eat sensibly and don't drink or smoke.  And I don't really get sick...I hardly even catch the common cold.  

Around 115 lbs. is right about where I want to be.  A few extra pounds just doesn't feel quite good.  I have always been on the skinny side.  When I got married 16 years ago, I was about 105 lbs.   When my first born was still a toddler, I got to as low as 100. Seriously, that didn't look good at all. Funny,  I can recall my mom asking me then if I had a problem with my husband...LOL...

Every couple of years,  I gain a few pounds, then I shed them off.  It's just a cycle. Right now, it feels like I'm bloated or something. I guess it comes with age...when metabolism slows down.  No matter how little you eat, you still manage to gain weight.  I know I have to do something now or I will have a bigger concern come winter time (in June).

Anyhow,  I'll let you know how my progress goes.  A few weeks should do it.

In the meantime,  let me just say there's a new bag in the works. Got to get back to sewing now...