Friday, May 29, 2009

In a sewing slump again

I admit it...I am in a sewing slump. I have tried many times during the past weeks to think of something to make but failed to get even a bit of inspiration. I know that if I force myself just for the sake of it, I would only end up with something I am not happy with.

Such was the case with this carry case for my new mobile phone. I needed one and there was a free pattern in the same magazine as the market bag pattern.

Looks like a pretty decent job, doesn't it? It actually is. A few issues, however.

First, I had problems sewing together the lining/flap/loop/case outside together along the top because of the small opening. It was difficult to maneuver. I did figure out much later (after I had finished everything) that there was an easier way.

The phone fits nice and snug. However, my kids commented that if I was in a hurry to answer a call, the button closure made it a bit hard to get the phone out quickly. Such a small inconvenience but true...

I found the back pocket too tight for its intended purpose. It doesn't provide much security for the headset and stylus either.

The lanyard was my own addition as I wanted have an option of hanging the case around my neck rather than hooking it to my jeans.

As soon as I get my inspiration back, my first project would be a much improved version of this one. Hope that would come the meantime, I might just spend my time enjoying this coolest phone ever!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I made myself cry again...

You probably are getting tired of reading about this over and don't really have to read on if you don't feel like it...

Yesterday, I gathered some of my photos with and of my mom. I don't really have much with me as most of my childhood photos are somewhere hidden in my dad's home. But with what I had on hand, I made this short video in memory of my mom and the life she shared with me.

I cried again, as expected. Don't worry, it's a good cry.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting back to normal

At least this is as normal as it can get at the moment.

Francis is still limping but went back to school this week. His ultrasound revealed that he had a ruptured ligament in his right ankle, more serious than the simple sprain that we originally thought he had. He is now wearing an ankle strap for support and can't play any sports for the next 4-5 weeks. I know he is disappointed (though he doesn't really show it) since this is his first year playing basketball for a club. For the last three years, he and his brother have been playing footy. I thought the switch to basketball meant less chance of getting an injury...but obviously I was wrong....

It was a tiring and stressful couple of weeks so I am just thankful that's over. The situation here did affect my desire to craft so I haven't really been sewing for a while. Well, actually, the last time I think was only a week ago...but that seems really long for me. Even my daughter noticed and asked me last night why I haven't been sewing.

This is the other market bag I made ages (actually, a week) ago...

(using 'Fig & Plum' from Moda, front and back views)

I have some new ideas in mind but can't quite get them together just yet. Been really uninspired. Later today, though, my sister in law and I are making a trip to the fabric shop! Hopefully, I will come home with some fresh fabric to bring my creativity back and get my ideas moving!

Before I end, though I know this is so late, let me just greet all my reader moms a belated 'Happy Mother's Day!'. Personally, it was more of a day to remember my own mom, rather than expecting my family to do something special for me. I bought some nice flowers early in the morning and placed them in a vase next to her framed photo in our living room. This is my first year without mom so it was kind of hard.

As for me, mother's day is just a day like any other day. All I can say is that having my kids make me so very blessed...every single day. Here are the loves of my their newest school photos!

(Clockwise from top left: Francis, 15; Joseph, 13; Matthew, 7; Missy, 11)
(I realized I haven't uploaded a single photo of myself here yet. Hmmm...maybe one day soon...)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events...

Or should I say, trips to the doctor....who likes going to the doctor anyway? Unfortunate for me, in the past two weeks, I believe I've seen the doctor more times than in the past 5 years.

It all started two Sundays ago when my eldest son, Francis, twisted his right ankle while playing basketball with his dad. His ankle became badly swollen almost immediately and my husband, feeling all guilty about it, had a doctor come to the house to have a look. As expected, my son had to go for an x-ray the following morning. Then came the next visit to another doctor to show the prints. The injury, thankfully, turned out, to be a sprain and not a fractured bone. Francis was advised to stay home for the next three days to rest. He went back to school that Thursday and seemed well on his way to complete recovery.

Friday evening, I started having palpitations. As I would normally do, I paid no attention to it. The palpitations got worst through the heart rate went past a hundred beats a minute and I was short of breath. In the meantime, Francis complained on Sunday of more pain in his ankle. The swelling returned and his ankle became bruised all over. He couldn't walk again.

Monday morning, we were back at the doctor's...Francis and I were both having a checkup.

For an unknown reason, my son apparently re-injured himself. The doctor was really concerned about the bruising and had him scheduled for an ultrasound. And he had to stay home and recuperate for the rest of the week. As for me, my heart rate was still high as, so off I went to have a blood test and a chest x-ray.

Wednesday, I was back with the doctor again to see my test results. Both x-ray and blood test turned out ok but since I wasn't getting much better, I had to undergo an ECG! That, too, turned out normal. The only conclusion the doctor could give me, for lack of any other conclusion, was that my heart was acting weird because of a virus. You see, I also have a cold...

Thursday...the scheduled ultrasound. That was in the afternoon. Before lunchtime, my other son's school rang to say that Joseph was in sick bay and had to be picked up early. He had a bad headache and was complaining of pain in his ear.

Finally, today is Friday. I'm making that trip to the doctor again, bringing my two boys along. I have to show the ultrasound prints and then have Joseph's ear checked out.

Me? I am better but not 100%. But just like all other moms, I try and ignore the sick feeling. There's simply no time for it. Amidst the palpitations I was having, I still had to do the usual stuff - take my two other kids to school, do the laundry, clean up the house, go to the supermarket, cook, and so on and so forth.

It's just what mothers do...look after everyone else. I am truly at peace with that. However, in times like these, I just wish my own mom was here to look after me...

Well, anyway, I still managed to squeeze in a bit of sewing in between all those trips to the doctor. I finished this bag, the pattern of which came from this magazine.

The market bag is the one pictured on the cover. Here is the front and back views of my version...

It's a huge bag that would fit a whole lot of stuff. I don't think I'll be using this to the market though. Too pretty. (I used the "Celebrate Spring" charm pack by Moda.)

Hope you all have a sickness-free weekend ahead!