Monday, June 6, 2011

A Travel Wallet...finally

Ever since I opened my Etsy shop, I have found myself needing to constantly come up with new things to sew.  I suppose always having some new pattern is the only way I can keep people interested in coming back to the shop.  It can be frustrating at times.  Ideas do run out. At least, for me.

The idea of making a travel wallet has been on my mind since last year.  I've sat down countless times, drawn up pages and pages of layouts, only to end up shelving the project for another day.  Thankfully, not this time around.

I literally forced myself to complete this task.  I had little baking to do last week and had to take advantage of the spare time.  Finally, it all came together on the weekend.  I am pretty pleased with what I came up with.

The closed wallet is about 4 3/4" by 8 1/2".

Opened,  showing how organized everything can be.
For me, a travel wallet should carry all the essentials while at the airport and while in-transit.  To come up with the design, I listed down what I normally did and  needed when I travelled, especially overseas.

First of all, at check-in, I am asked to present my passport, my eTicket and usually the credit card I used to pay for it.  After that, I am given my boarding pass and this card that I have to fill in before I proceed to immigration.  This is when a pen comes in handy.

The left side has two angled pockets, one for  the passport and one for the airline ticket and boarding pass.  It also has an elastic pen loop.
When everything's done, I usually walk around the airport to pass the time.  Sometimes I need a little cash to buy a magazine or a snack.

The right side has an ID window, some card slots, two long pockets for cash and a  key holder.
While in-transit, before I reach my destination, I need my pen again to fill up a customs declaration form. Upon arrival, I have to have my lock key ready just in case I am asked to open up my luggage.  Sometimes I also need to have foreign currency with  me to pay for something at the airport.

Basically, that's it.  Did I forget anything? I reckon with this kind of wallet, I would have everything organized for a smooth travel.  I must say that while it looks good, the ID window is actually unnecessary.  I just might ditch that when I make the final pattern.  Also, I didn't find a zippered pocket for cash important because I wouldn't really think of keeping lots of money in here.

I have a few more travel-themed fabrics on hand so I will definitely be making more of this.  Just have to give my fingers a bit of a rest....they're quite sore from hand sewing the bias tape through those thick layers!  I will also work on the pattern and instructions next.  If you could tell me what you think of it, I'd appreciate it a lot.  

Hurray for something new!