Sunday, August 21, 2011

Addicted... reruns of Grey's Anatomy, that is. Funny cause this show's been going on for seven seasons (I think) but I only recently 'discovered' the reruns on cable TV. And now I can't seem to stop watching it. I'm still on Season 2, imagine that. It's a good thing it's shown Mondays thru Fridays so I don't have to suffer and wait long for the next episode. Grey's Anatomy reminds me so much of ER (George Clooney days), which I absolutely loved. I guess medical dramas are my kind of thing. I wonder if I could have been a doctor...

Recently, I got really hooked on watching Cake Boss too. We used to not have the Food Channel with our cable TV package so when we finally got it, I've been following every (old) episode, day and night, 7 days a week. I'm not much of a fondant lover but I've definitely been learning a lot of cake decorating tricks from the show.

These past few days, I've noticed I've been neglecting Cake Boss though. Maybe I'm getting tired of Buddy Valastro. I told my daughter I'd gladly exchange Buddy for Patrick Dempsey

You know what? I just realized how I actually have time now to sit down and watch TV. And I really enjoy it. This was next to impossible before, when my four kids were still very young. Now, though still busy looking after them, I have a little bit more time for do the things I want to do. With no guilt feelings attached. That's not a bad thing, is it?

Before I end, here are two cakes I finished late last night. Both are red velvet (again).

Made this for a Collingwood Magpies supporter, hence, the black and white colours.

Close-up of the gumpaste bow.

For a young girl's birthday.

And lastly, what I did with an extra layer of red velvet cake and leftover frosting...

This one's just for us!
Have a good weekend and a great week ahead!

Friday, August 5, 2011


I have just added a Copyright Notice on my sidebar.  Never thought the day would come when I would need to put one on this blog.

On an innocent Google search for ube (purple yam) cake images, I discovered not one, but several sites, using my cake photos for advertisement.  It's shocking (and shameful)...Bakeshops using photos of cake that they did not even make.

To use someone else's photos is one thing, but to put your watermark on them and claim them as your own is just taking it to another level.

Image credit: from the webpage that used my photos. My original photos are here.
Upsetting, isn't it?  I do not understand why anyone would think this is okay.

Access to the two web pages which were on Facebook have already been removed.  Another one in another site has also been deleted. I am in the process of dealing with the last one.

I believe I have been generous enough to let people use my tutorials and recipes freely.   The eBooks I sell are the only ones I have copyrighted as I don't want them distributed in any way.  I have always allowed people to even sell their finished products when most pattern makers won't.

I thank those who contact me to ask permission when needed and for giving acknowledgement where it is due.

I suppose there's other copyright violations out there that I may never find out about. To be honest, I really don't want to make this my problem.  So please, read my Copyright Notice and respect it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

6 Ladies and red velvet cake

Three weekends ago, my sister in-law (let's call  her Lady #1), asked me to make a red velvet cake for an 18th birthday.  She said the birthday girl loved budgies and that it would be great to have that represented on the cake.

I loved the pastel colours on this cake!
Cute yellow budgies, aren't they?
The celebrant's mum, Lady #2, brought leftover cake to a second gathering the next day.  Lady #3, who was at that gathering, got to taste the cake and she loved it.  She emailed me to order another red velvet cake for her husband's 50th birthday the following Sunday.

The cake top was rather simple but I think the red velvet cake crumbs brightened it up.
A few days later, I received another email, this time from Lady #4.  She asked if, by any chance, I made a red velvet cake for someone's birthday the past weekend.  I told her about the 50th birthday.  Apparently, Lady #3's sister in-law, Lady #5, is her workmate and  Lady #5 brought cake to work the Monday after the birthday and she got to eat some. Lady #4's daughter's 4th birthday was coming up and she thought of having red velvet cake (again) and cupcakes for the party (which was last Saturday).  

The 4th birthday party had a princess theme.
The birthday girl wore a Cinderella costume. 
Used the vine from the Wilton pattern press set to make the decorations for the side of the cake.
The matching cupcakes.
In an entirely separate incident, a 6th lady ordered a purple yam cake from me for Sunday (yesterday).  Funny thing, it turns out, Lady #5 and Lady #6 are best friends. When she told Lady #5 that she ordered a cake from somewhere and was picking it up, Lady #5 asked where.  When Lady #6 mentioned our suburb, Lady #5 said, "That's Corinne, isn't it?  You should have ordered red velvet!"

Confusing???  To tell you the truth, I don't even know most of these ladies. It's such a small world.  It just amazes me how word gets around. And  I'm just ecstatic to know how my humble cakes speak for themselves.

Red velvet seems to make the world go round, doesn't it?