Friday, June 12, 2009

All things cute and functional

A lot of effort really goes into everything I create. Many times, I see someone else's work and then I think about how I can improve and/or make changes so it will be more appropriate for my needs...for instance, the iPhone case in my previous post.

The sewing is actually the easiest part of the process. I start by drawing my idea, then redrawing...then redrawing...before I actually visualize how the thing could be sewn up. Sometimes I get lucky with the first try, sometimes not.

I went through this thinking process with my latest project. The idea was something I saw from here a while back. I created something similar but the way I constructed it is entirely different and I have added a couple of new features.

Close-up of drawstring closure

View of inside

Circle bottom

For one, I made the strap adjustable. Secondly, I added a drawstring with cord lock to keep the bottle from accidentally falling out. It's insulated as well (yey!) just like Pink Chalk Studio's. A first time for me to work with Insul-Brite.

This took only a short time to assemble (and in between steps, I was even watching the NBA Finals on tv!). As I had expected, the only tricky part was sewing up the circle bottom.

Isn't cute, functional stuff great? I am so pleased with this I could kiss it!

I am going on a trip with my family very soon and this water bottle carrier is definitely coming with me...


  1. Seems your sewing mojo is back. Looks great!

  2. Very Cool! I love how you have improved on the one you saw. I love the drawstring closure and the idea of the adjustable strap. You coming out with a pattern or tutorial?