Saturday, December 4, 2010

Isabella Rose...

If not for her, I wouldn't have dared to try making anything with fondant or gumpaste.

Earlier this year, I was asked to make cupcakes for this little girl's baptism.  The baby booties topper was my first taste of modelling with fondant/gumpaste.

Since then, I've tried to mould several other things from gumpaste.  Not much really...mostly just flowers...but I welcomed each learning experience with much eagerness.

Even though I was given such a short notice to make a birthday cake for Isabella Rose's first birthday, I happily accepted.   I could have just made a very simple cake but I wanted to make this one quite memorable.  

This is my FIRST ever gumpaste figure.  Inspiration for this came from this video.  I was apprehensive to do it at first but it all worked out great!

To support the skirt while it dried, I put a small single muffin mould underneath.
Below is the finished cake which I absolutely am very thrilled about.  Apart from the candle (which I stuck into a rose), everything is edible.  I actually placed a small inverted cupcake under the girl's skirt for added support. 

I've never met Isabella Rose.  I've just seen pictures of her.  But I will forever remember her as she grows older because of what I've learned and accomplished as I made cakes for her!


  1. She looks fantastic! I love the hair and the little roses she is holding.

  2. She looks so cute Good job!

  3. Corrine, I thought you said you weren't naturally talented. After seeing your first attempt at gum past and fondant shaping I would say you were extremely talented. Don't sell yourself short love, it is beautiful.