Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby bib crazy

As soon as I learned I was going to a baby shower next week, I was excited. Not quite excited for the shower itself, but rather, for the prospect of handmaking something. There were tons of projects to choose from...burp cloths, receiving blankets, baby washers, diaper pouch, changing pad, nappy bag, nursing cover. The wisest choice in the end though was baby bibs. Having everything already on hand - assorted printed fabrics, cotton towelling, flannel, snaps - meant no new expense. Perfect.

I downloaded the small bib pattern from here. My initial plan was to make 5 bibs. Then I added one more...and then another....and then I just had to make it 10.

You can never have too many bibs anyway, can you?

These were addicting to make. So fun and easy!

I added a flannel middle layer and used cotton towelling for the backing for extra thickness and absorbency.

Of the ten, my favourites are these 2...

Made from Moda charm squares (PURE by Sweetwater and It's a Hoot by MoMo) and natural linen.

I especially adore this one because it aptly describes what babies are...

Pure and simple...pure happiness...pure laughter...pure joy...pure excitement...pure bliss...pure love...pure grace...

I enjoy making baby stuff cause I never got to make anything for my kids when they were newborns. I didn't have the resources then. I really wish I did.

So now that I have most things within my reach, I am more than happy to jump at every opportunity to sew up anything for a baby. Hmm...I just might make something else before the baby shower.