Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool "Caking" Gadgets

Adjustable Cake Ring...

Ever since I saw this in a baking book, I've been wanting to have one.

It's basically a stainless steel round, the diameter of which can easily be adjusted to the cake size you want. It's what pastry chefs use to achieve their perfectly shaped layered cakes and pastries.

A friend had recently gifted me with a Target card and so I went off and rewarded myself with a Sunbeam coffee maker and this cake ring.  I couldn't wait to try it on a cake idea I've had on my mind for sometime.

This is my cake version of a Filipino favourite, Buko (Coconut) Pandan, traditionally served as a salad/dessert with pandan jelly cubes and strips of young coconut in a creamy dressing.

Two-layered pandan chiffon cake, filled with whipped cream and coconut, sides covered with cake crumbs and topped with a layer of pandan flavoured gelatin.

I assembled the whole thing in the cake ring and left about 1/4" space at the top for the gelatin.

My whipped cream layer at the cake top was uneven, hence that white spot.

We couldn't wait to unmold the cake and eat it, so as soon as the gelatin set, I carefully removed the cake ring and sliced up the cake. 

Clay Extruder...

As the name suggests, this handy thing is really for clay but is widely being used for fondant as well, to easily create hair, grass, ribbons, bows, vines, letters, blocks, etc.   It's quite expensive but I reckon, is a pretty good investment if you are into moulding for toppers and other cake decorations.

Comes with 20 disc designs!

I tried the extruder yesterday and it was fun, just like playing!  My youngest son kept asking if he could try it.  The only thing I didn't enjoy about using it was that I had to clean it afterwards.  Can't leave any traces of fondant/gumpaste inside the tube or they will dry hard.

I used the extractor to make the hose and the lines on the helmet.  This topper is for a fireman themed cake I'm currently working on. 

I'm sure I'll have lots more uses for these cool gadgets in the future.  Can't wait!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



  1. Hi, glad to find your blog.

    Btw, I just bought the same ring as yours.

    Did the batter leak out during baking?


  2. I did not actually bake the cake in the ring. I only used it to assemble the cake with the gelatin topping.

  3. hi, lovely cake, pls what store did u get ur cake ring from?