Monday, May 30, 2011

Bread Heaven

The pork floss bun from Breadtop is one of my all-time favourites.  I don't get to buy it often though cause the only branch I ever get to go to is in the city (Melbourne) and we hardly go there (even if it is just about 20-30 minutes away).  So when I chanced upon a jar of pork floss in our local Asian grocery, I excitedly bought it.  That was a couple of months ago (sigh).  Unfortunately, I had not had the time to bake bread.  Everytime I opened our cupboard and saw the jar, I would find myself checking the 'best before date' to make sure the pork floss won't go to waste.

Well, today was to be the day! To be able to finally recreate this bread just made me so happy.

I used my dinner roll recipe for this.  It just yields the softest, lightest bread ever. And yes, the smell that permeates  the whole house while they are baking is just absolutely wonderful.

I baked the rolls in the same way except that I brushed them with eggwash to give their surface some shine. After the rolls had cooled down a bit, I halved each so I can spread a little mayonnaise inside. To finish, I spread some mayonnaise again on top so the pork floss will stick.

Can't wait to share these with the family later.  Try them yourself!


  1. I love them buns as well! BreadTalk back in Pinas sells them. hmm hopefully I find some pork floss here in Dubai

  2. Porl floss is the same as Pork Sung?

    1. I did a search on google and it certainly looks the same.