Monday, April 8, 2013


You know how I recently bought an ice cream maker so I could make good use of leftover eggyolks?  Well, I have already made 6 ice cream flavours to date but only one actually had eggyolks in it.  Aside from discovering that ice cream can be as creamy and rich without eggs (thanks to this great book), I also want to say that my use of eggyolks has been wonderfully diverted elsewhere.

Ensaimadas.  I've mentioned these lovely buns in my last post. They have been a treat to make!  Tedious, yes, but the end result is more than gratifying.  I am even looking forward to those leftover eggyolks these days!

Fresh out of the oven.
Buttered, sprinkled with sugar, and topped with grated vintage cheddar cheese.
So fluffy and soft!
Wrapped just the way my aunts do it.
When I eat these ensaimadas, even for just a moment, I feel like I'm home.  Come to think of it, up until now, I've never eaten this outside the Philippines.  And it has always been my aunts' ensaimadas, no one else's ever!

"Home is where your heart is."  True?  I've been living in Australia for more than 12 years now and I have known all along where my heart really is.

For a great recipe and step by step tutorial on how to make ensaimada, head on over here.


  1. Like you, this brings back a lot of wonderful memories back home growing up in MNL. Ensaimada's always a favorite for snacks or even for breakfast. Whenever I go home for a visit my sister buys it for me. Thanks for posting this. By the way, where did you buy your brioche molds? ~Mela~

    1. Those are actually mamon molds I bought from Chocolate Lover in Cubao. They also have the ensaimada molds there.

  2. Another one to try Corrine! They look so delicious. What would be the size of your brioche mould? Thank you for sharing as always ^_^

    1. The bottom of the mold is a 3" circle but the top is wider. For each mold, I used 80g of dough to make 14 ensaimadas in total.

  3. Hi corinne,
    I made this yesterday and the taste was unquestionable only i noticed that mine was heavy and not fluffy also it took long to bake but still parang medyo hilaw pa yung loob. What do you think i did wrong? Please help.


    1. Lanie,

      Since I did not see how you did it, my guess is that your dough had not risen enough before you baked them. Did you let it double in size? In my experience, it takes longer than 2 hours before the dough gets to the right size.

  4. Corinne,
    Yes i think that could be whats wrong, i got too excited and did not wait long although it has risen i dont think that was enough. I will try this again and do as you said :) thank you!