Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Labour of Love

Each time I prick my finger with a pin, I tell myself this would be the last bag I would ever sew. Come to think of it, bag-making sort of reminds me of child easily forget about the pain of giving birth. Soon after the hardship, you start appreciating what you had just created....then you start making a bag again and experience the "labour" again and ask yourself...what have I gotten myself into again???? Does that make any sense?

Anyway, I had promised my two older sons I would make them a sports bag to carry their football boots in during their Sunday games. I drafted my own pattern and I knew exactly how I was going to go about the sewing, but it turned out harder than I thought. Yes, I abhor the pricking part! But it's now done...well, actually, maybe 99% done as I still want to put that padded thingy that holds the two handles together. So here it is, my so-called labour of love. My sons better use this or my heart will break...

The fabrics are black and camouflage polycotton (I think). I reinforced both outer bag and lining with stiff interfacing. The straps are fabric backed with nylon webbing. I also made a long strap with swivel clips. The following photos show some of the steps that went into making this bag.

Sewing the fabric strap to the webbing

Sewing the zip panel and strap to the main bag

Topstitching to reinforce

Main bag, now with handles and zip panels

Zipper attached to the zip panels

Stitching the side panel

Finished bag is 16" long with 9" diameter side (circle) panels.

Was that worth the effort? I hope so.

UPDATE (29 May, 12:55pm) : Yehey, I finally added the finishing touches (the handle pad and the long strap with swivel clips)! Now, I'm really done.


  1. You are my hero! Everything seems so easy in your pictures. Thank you for sharing the construction process!

  2. In my endevour to have a handmade christmas this year I have been stumped with what I can make for my totally non metro brothers. You have solved my dilemma, Thankyou. Great tutorials and blog, I will be checking in regularly to see what else you create! Cheers,Katie

  3. Hi Katie, Thanks for dropping by! Just posted a new tutorial which you may find useful. I am hoping to have a handmade Christmas this year too. Happy sewing!