Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday!

My one and only daughter, Missy, turned 11 yesterday, the 28th of July. She had her celebration last Sunday. Unlike the past years, she opted not to have a little party with her friends at home. A few weeks ago, she asked me if we could go to the movies with her two best friends. It was ok with me but she later changed her mind since there was no good G/PG movie in the cinemas at the moment. Instead, she requested if we could eat out for lunch. And so we did.

We went to an Italian pizza place in a nearby mall. Our whole family went along but we had to sit in a different table and leave the three girls to themselves. After lunch, my husband and three sons went on their way and I was left to chaperone the girls as they did some shopping.

Their first stop was this place called Diva, a girls' accessories shop...you know, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, headbands and stuff like that. They bought this three piece necklace set with hearts bearing "BEST FRIENDS FOREVER". The thing cost $15 and they were to share the expense. I ended up gladly paying for it...it was my daughter's birthday anyway. Next stop was at Big W (a store something like Target). There they bought Lip Smackers, one for each of them. Final stop was Sweet Box where they spent the rest of their money on lollies.

And so yesterday, on the real day of her birth, Missy did nothing really extraordinary, except of course, opened her presents. We gave her the new Pixel Chix Fab Life and a set of 4 new High School Musical story books. She also got Hannah Montana walkie talkies and a beading set from her two friends.

Oh yes, this is the birthday cake I baked for her...9" in diameter and about 4-5" thick of chocolaty goodness...

I nearly stuffed this up actually. After putting in all the ingredients, I realized I had put half a cup of flour more than was required in the recipe. I added an extra egg...truthfully, though, I did not know what I was doing or what effect that would have on the baked cake! Anyway, it turned out great...how can it not be, especially with white mountain frosting. No kidding, we all loved it. (Please excuse, though, my terrible cake decorating skills!)

My second eldest son is having his birthday on Thursday. That means another cake to bake. And an added teenager in the family (yikes)!

Happy birthday again, Missy!

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