Friday, July 25, 2008

Impulsive Me

A couple of days ago, out of impulse, I purchased a PDF pattern for the Curvy Clutch from an Etsy seller. This was my first Etsy transaction ever. I know...I did mention just recently that store-bought patterns do not generally work for me. Having just finished another city backpack, I wanted to try out something small and simple this time so I can use my leftover fabrics. Actually, the clutch construction is something quite basic that I could have just figured out myself. But I wanted to give the pattern a try just the same. I got attracted to it mainly because of the bag shape.

I spent several hours trying it out and this is what I came up with....(you may recognize the fabrics from my messenger bag)...It is about
9" at the widest point and 4 1/4" high.

The instructions were clear and well-written. As I had expected, the final bag shape is great. The only thing I don't really like about it is how the flap seems a bit awkward because of the fact that the bag opening has a curved shape. While it was worth the try, I am not really sure how functional this would be for me. I did know, beforehand, that having no zippered closure meant less security and security is certainly important to me.

I have a great idea for zippered wristlets in my
mind...something that I must attend to very soon.

Before I forget, here are photos of my second city backpack. I omitted the front pocket because I had originally planned to trim the lower edge with corded piping and did not want extra layers of fabric to work with in the bottom. Obviously, that plan did not push through...I did add a zippered pocket inside to replace it. The main bag colour is not red, as reflected in some of the photos. I think it's maroon.

Oh, I really love this bag....

Front view

Side view

Flap open, showing drawstring and magnetic snap closure

Bag open, showing zippered pocket

Showing off the bag's great shape

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