Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Minute Christmas Crafting

With the kids now on school holidays, my computer time has been considerably cut. The only time I can go online uninterrupted is late at night, when everyone is already asleep.

I have slept short hours the past three nights or so working on desk calendars for my three older children. I found this Reader's Digest book from the local library called "Create Cards and Calendars using your Own Digital Photos". It came with a CD containing card and calendar templates for use with Adobe Photoshop Elements. I don't have Photoshop but a 30-day trial version can be downloaded from the net and so I gave it a shot. The desk calendars turned out great! I had customized each set with images appropriate for each kid. I saved them as picture files, then had them printed at Kodak this morning. I couldn't take photos of them (yet) because I am obviously hiding them from the kids. I will try to be a little bit more sneaky tomorrow...I'd really like to show them to you. If time permits it, I just might share a desk calendar set for you to download.

Here are my other completed handmade presents...

Rice Heat Therapy Bags made using the tutorial here. This is such a wonderful and practical idea...I love it!

I did not strictly follow the tutorial steps though. Each bag cover is made from just one fabric, neatly sewn with french seams and the rice bags have channels like these...

I used pure peppermint essential oil (10 drops to a kilo of rice) as I have always associated the 'minty' smell with pain relief. These bags will go to some of the significant elders in my life.

I also whipped up these simple cushions for two nieces this morning. Was inspired by this post. They were really quick and easy to make and I had all the materials already on hand. I'm sure the girls will appreciate them.

And lastly, here are the packaged glass bubble magnets. The printed papers in each package came from A Print a Day and they can be downloaded from here.

I do think I should stop making presents's getting to be quite exhausting really. But the truth is, this handmade Christmas thing is so very fulfilling and for the first time, I really don't mind if I don't get any presents in return. I am happy and grateful even with just the giving part.


  1. Hey girl. It's B from Simply B. Love the ideas you have here. Makes me want to go make some more stuff, but I think I already have enough on my list as is, so they will have to wait.

    I got your comment on my blog, and I DIDN'T ge your ebook yet. I'll try to email you again so you have my address. Thanks for checking with me about it.

  2. hello~~
    i love those fabric.....
    where u get them?