Thursday, December 11, 2008

The new backyard, my glue gun and lots of chocolate

Sometime in October, I mentioned about our backyard renovation. There was a bit of delay in the schedule as the concretor was busy with his other projects. But finally, last week, it was completed. And so, from this, the backyard is now transformed to this...

Our very own basketball court! Well, not as big as a full-sized court...just 6m by 10m...but it's large enough for one-on-one games. Hopefully, this will keep our whole family fit and moving, even in the comfort of our home. There is still a fair bit of grass area left - that's where the new retractable clothesline is. Aesthetic work on the surroundings will come next.

In other news...I've been quite preoccupied working on my handmade Christmas presents (still). I am thoroughly enjoying making stuff...and I've learned so much from the creative geniuses in blogland! You know what? I've just discovered the joys of using a glue gun! Call me shallow but seriously, I am absolutely thrilled with this little gadget. The project? Glass bubble fridge magnets, the 'how-to' of which I got from here. What a ball I'm having making these!

I've completed a total of 43 magnets (so far), some of which my daughter has already given to her best friends. I had packaged them nicely but failed to take photos. I might just do that when I wrap the rest.

The other stuff I've been busy packaging are these...

The ideas came from here and here. Lolly is super wonderful...such a generous lady, a life-saver in fact! She just made my life so much easier this Christmas season. And with all the cocoa powder I've been handling around the kitchen, now the house smells so heavenly and chocolatey!

Well, that's it for now. I have something new to work on tomorrow and will be back to share that.

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to mention too that my mum, though still in hospital, is much better now and may be going home real soon. What more can I say but that no prayer is left unanswered. This is another manifestation of how kind and merciful our Lord is. Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

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