Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Name this Bag' GIVEAWAY

The response to the Long Wallet eBook has been great and that just inspires me to come up with new ideas.  After coming back from my trip and catching up on household work,  I am now happily back to creating.  I am thinking that maybe...just maybe...making and selling patterns and ebooks might just be my destiny.  I have long given up the idea of reviving a career in the corporate world.  That just isn't my calling. Now, I am finding simple joy in creating things and sharing them with the world.  I am constantly thinking and imagining. And after the recent events in my life, sewing certainly has proven to be great therapy for me.

And so here is a new bag idea.  I drafted a simple pattern and then sewed it up using the same materials as I did in my wallet prototype.  It is a fairly large and roomy bag that closes with a flap and magnetic snap, 10" wide at the top, 13 1/2" at its widest point, 9 1/2" tall, with a 3" gusset...just the right size to carry around on a typical day out.  The handles are 20" long.  For a first try, the bag turned out quite beautifully. However, it is not yet perfect and I will have to make a few adjustments when I make the final version. 

Full view
Close-up of the decorative patchwork stitch I used along the middle seams...

Gusset view

The inside view with zippered compartment

I am currently writing up the instructions for making this bag but I need some of your help. Would you care to give this BAG STYLE a name?  If you do, the featured bag above can be yours!

TO BE IN THE RUNNING TO WIN THIS BAG, all you have to do is leave a comment here with a suggested name for this bag style.  Please leave your email address as well so I can contact you in the event that you win.  I will not give a timeframe for this competition just yet as I would like to get as many suggestions as I can. COMPETITION CLOSES 11:59 pm, Sunday, 22nd of March, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I am going to use the winning name for the eBook I am making, which I hope I will be able to release really soon.  The competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter it.  I am willing to ship this bag to anywhere around the world!  

REMEMBER...think of a name for the bag style and not the particular bag shown here.

Hope you can all join in. Good luck!


  1. Gorgeous :)

    How about calling it the "typical day" bag or "day out" bag?


  2. as strange as this may sound, are you looking for a name for the STYLE of bag or for this particular one?
    if its for this particular one i would say "Paisley and Latices"
    if its for the style... something like "Zip, Flip, Snap, and Go"
    or give it an actual name... like the "iggy" or the "betty"

    my email is:

  3. Okay, I've got five ideas...

    -- Afternoon on the Town
    -- The Lunch with Friends Bag
    -- Work and Play
    -- Susan (not sure why, just seems right)
    -- Grab it and Go!


  4. "Town and country". I can see this style dresssd up or down, depending on the fabric. : )

  5. My first thought was something tropical. How about the "Island Dreams" or "Paisley Passion" Ifyou're looking for the style name, I'm thinking "T.G.I.F." Thanks, Michele (

  6. I'd call it "South Pacific." The main fabric is whimsical and nautical to me. :)


  7. I'm thinking something short & sweet like the "Daily Bag" or the "Everyday Bag." Just my 2 cents.

    Barb (

  8. Everyone Everyday Bag or Everywoman Bag or Everyday Bag.

  9. I love that it is so functional and yet so cute! I would call it Fabulous Functionality, Fabulously Functional or Functionally Fabulous or something like that. Function should be fabulous too.

  10. Humm. Saw this on craftster -- it's fantastic.

    The fabric looks like chiyogami [a decorative Japanese paper], so how about something like "chiyo" for the name? [The "-gami" bit means "paper", and yours is fabric, so let's delete that...] Or, something like "yuzen", which refers more to the patterns [which were originally designed for the textile industry, anyhow! How convenient!].

    Or! "Katazome-She" [it's really "katazome-shi", but let's make it feminine!], another Japanese paper that is stencil-dyed. Your bag also reminds me of these. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, you'd probably enjoy this link to a wicked wholesaler I use:

    I feel that your design has a very Asian quality to it and I think a name that reflected that would benefit this wonderful bag! Man... I wish I could sew like that! Good work, fellow craftster!

    All right! My email is

    Good luck choosing a name! I hope you come across one you like somewhere in your message board!

  11. Love the bag, brilliant as usual!!

    How about:

    All 4 one bag?


  12. It reminds me one of my former workmates, a French girl with great effortless style. So I'd call it after her: Cécile.

    angeltreats at gmail dot com

  13. I noticed the lovely bamboo prints on the bag - it is very lovely =).

    Some suggestions for the name:
    "Urban Chic", "Fun and Chic", "Chic meets sweet" - It just makes sense to have the chic word in the name as it the bag style is really chic! =)

    Glad you have found what you really love to do! =D

  14. how about kokomo bay bag.

  15. Since you said it was simple and creating it made you feel better, and since it has a patchwork motif, I'd call it Simply Patchy - a play on simply peachy.

  16. Am glad to see you back and sewing, the bag is super cute! How about "Shoulder's Delight," as any arm would be happy to wear that! :-)

  17. ooooh i loved this bag on craftster! my idea for the style name would be something that shows its cute and fun qualities:

    something like "sassafras" :)

  18. oh and, my email is :)

  19. I do like the design of this's big enough to handle all my things...but not so big that I would feel like I had a small suitcase on my's just right...

    So I'm thinking The Goldilocks ;)

    Or since it would be excellent for everyday use....The 7 Day Wonder Bag!

    Either way it's a great design!

  20. 'Oriental Tote' is my suggestion for the bag style :) The flowers look very Asian; anyway, great job with it!
    craft blog:

  21. I love it! I am thinking that "The Daytimer" would be a good name since you stated it is a good everyday bag.

  22. Paisley Princess



    Asian Holiday

    Asian Paradise

  23. You've done such a great job on this for a first time! I wish I was half as talented as you are with this stuff!

    So, I love bag with real woman's names and because of that I have two ideas. One, "Georgia", why? because it's feminine and practical at the same time, and that's what the name sounds to me. OR, I think you should name this after you mom since it's the first bag you've created since coming home from sending her home. Just a thought. Sometimes it's nice to be sentimental.

    BUT, that being said, I am thrilled you are going to keep doing stuff like this and forego the corporate world when it comes to work. I think you've found your calling with this stuff and your talents in it.

  24. i think it should be "quotidian" (means suitable for ordinary days or routine occasions) :) love the bag!!

  25. "blue lagoon"

    I just love the print!

  26. riley

    don't know why, the bag jsut looks like a riley to me.

  27. "all i need"

    "bag for everything"

    "place for everything"

  28. How about "Day to Night"...It looks like it could be your all day bag, but then take you to night with ease :) It's a beautiful bag!

  29. Day/Night Bag
    On the Go
    All I need is here
    Grab & Go
    On the Town
    Everyday Bag
    Everything Bag
    Quick & Easy
    Cute Clutch

    my email is

  30. Hey,

    I think something like your blog name would be awesome!

    I like the idea of calling it

    "heart of mary"

    to be honest, Also, i was thinking if you are selling it online, and all over the world then,

    "heart of australia"

    would be cool too as i know i like to know where the things i buy are from, and its a cute name!


    Carly (

  31. A beautiful bag designed by you Mary should have some connection to your marketing title. I am going to suggest......

    "Bag for the Heart"

    Also this bag has a connection to you to carry all those things that are close to your heart.

    craftsandmore2008 at

  32. "The Marie Carry All"

    Marie for Heart of Mary

    Carry All since you will be carrying it all!


  33. Mix it Up Summer Bag!

  34. Hello!
    How about "Perfect Patches" or "Perfect Patch Tote"?
    Patch(es) to express the patchwork detail(soo cute!), and Perfect, because it is! Great job!

  35. How about:

    Delia-celtic name, comes from Bridget, and it means the goddess of fire and poetry. I think that it suits this purse, maybe that's because of the journal you put it in, but I like delia for it because the purse is both elegant and pretty(poetry) and yet seems strong and vibrant, and eye catching(fire)


    Lock stock and Barrel Bag- that saying pretty much means "everything" so and I think this bag would be perfect for just about everything.

  36. It is functional and cute. "The Handler" would pretty much summarize it.


  37. I like "The Pieces of you bag".

  38. I think it should be called splendid, because it is. Or else Grace.

    It is lovely, great job!

  39. It's beautiful. How about your name?
    Corrine or Corrine's Delight
    DollArtistCarla at aol dot com

  40. to go with the long wallet, how about the short bag?

  41. Love the bag - you are SEW talented! You inspire me, too!

    How about:

    "TakeMeToo" or "Take Me 2"

    since it's roomy enough to take much of what you might need throughout the day!

    Great bag - great blog!


  42. What came to mind was "Perfectly Patchwork." I know that's more the fabric rather than the style but it just seemed like it was one of those perfect bags to carry around everything.

  43. I've thought of some more names

    Tag Along
    Take Me Along
    Let's Go Bag
    Ready to go
    Night out
    Let's party bag

  44. I forgot my email for the above.

  45. Please call it "The Classic" It has great lines and is the right size. I see it made up in ultrasuede and called "Elegant".