Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting back to normal

At least this is as normal as it can get at the moment.

Francis is still limping but went back to school this week. His ultrasound revealed that he had a ruptured ligament in his right ankle, more serious than the simple sprain that we originally thought he had. He is now wearing an ankle strap for support and can't play any sports for the next 4-5 weeks. I know he is disappointed (though he doesn't really show it) since this is his first year playing basketball for a club. For the last three years, he and his brother have been playing footy. I thought the switch to basketball meant less chance of getting an injury...but obviously I was wrong....

It was a tiring and stressful couple of weeks so I am just thankful that's over. The situation here did affect my desire to craft so I haven't really been sewing for a while. Well, actually, the last time I think was only a week ago...but that seems really long for me. Even my daughter noticed and asked me last night why I haven't been sewing.

This is the other market bag I made ages (actually, a week) ago...

(using 'Fig & Plum' from Moda, front and back views)

I have some new ideas in mind but can't quite get them together just yet. Been really uninspired. Later today, though, my sister in law and I are making a trip to the fabric shop! Hopefully, I will come home with some fresh fabric to bring my creativity back and get my ideas moving!

Before I end, though I know this is so late, let me just greet all my reader moms a belated 'Happy Mother's Day!'. Personally, it was more of a day to remember my own mom, rather than expecting my family to do something special for me. I bought some nice flowers early in the morning and placed them in a vase next to her framed photo in our living room. This is my first year without mom so it was kind of hard.

As for me, mother's day is just a day like any other day. All I can say is that having my kids make me so very blessed...every single day. Here are the loves of my their newest school photos!

(Clockwise from top left: Francis, 15; Joseph, 13; Matthew, 7; Missy, 11)
(I realized I haven't uploaded a single photo of myself here yet. Hmmm...maybe one day soon...)


  1. You have some very good-looking kids! :)

  2. What lovely kids.
    I'm surprised you can get any crafting done, you must be so busy! I'm impressed.

  3. Great looking children! Can't wait to see your photo. Hope it's all going good now.

  4. A very good looking group! I'm tired just looking at them, though :-)

  5. So sorry to hear about the ruptured ligament. Recovering from knee surgery myself, so I totally get it. Hopefully it's a quick recovery!

    Love the bag! You've got a very handsome family!