Friday, May 29, 2009

In a sewing slump again

I admit it...I am in a sewing slump. I have tried many times during the past weeks to think of something to make but failed to get even a bit of inspiration. I know that if I force myself just for the sake of it, I would only end up with something I am not happy with.

Such was the case with this carry case for my new mobile phone. I needed one and there was a free pattern in the same magazine as the market bag pattern.

Looks like a pretty decent job, doesn't it? It actually is. A few issues, however.

First, I had problems sewing together the lining/flap/loop/case outside together along the top because of the small opening. It was difficult to maneuver. I did figure out much later (after I had finished everything) that there was an easier way.

The phone fits nice and snug. However, my kids commented that if I was in a hurry to answer a call, the button closure made it a bit hard to get the phone out quickly. Such a small inconvenience but true...

I found the back pocket too tight for its intended purpose. It doesn't provide much security for the headset and stylus either.

The lanyard was my own addition as I wanted have an option of hanging the case around my neck rather than hooking it to my jeans.

As soon as I get my inspiration back, my first project would be a much improved version of this one. Hope that would come the meantime, I might just spend my time enjoying this coolest phone ever!


  1. I'm in a sewing slump too, but I never come up with as great a things as you do, and my machine is packed awaiting our move. It's nice to use a good excuse in my case. Can't wait to see what you come up with when you're back at it.

  2. This turned out very nice I think. Also the fabric is pretty.