Sunday, November 8, 2009

My First (and Second) Toy Society Drop!

This is long overdue.  I signed up with the Toy Society in April and have been postponing my toy drop since. last, I decided that today was to be THE day.  I took out two of my handmade softies yesterday, printed out the tags and letters, and packed them in zip lock bags, ready to be taken into the streets to look for a new home.

I set out really early this morning just to make sure no one will be watching me while I make the drop.  First stop was at a kindergarten just a few kilometers away.  Luckily, the gates weren't locked even on a Sunday and I was able to slip in easily.  I am really excited about the kids' reaction once the school opens tomorrow!

Second drop was over at the public library.  The library opens at 2:00pm (I think) on Sundays so no one was on sight that early.  I put my package right at the entrance.

So...what did I learn from this fun adventure?  Just one basic thing really... It is great to give and receive something in return.  But the joy that comes with giving something for nothing is so much greater.  I truly believe the giver is blessed by the whole experience in the same way as (or even deeper than) the receiver.  I'd gladly do this again anytime.

Want to spread the love this Christmas?  Why not sign up for the 2009 Worldwide Christmas Toy Drop?

Update (9th of November):  Yay! My two toy drops are now posted in the Toy Society site.  See them here and here.


  1. Those are just darling! Such a neat thing to do. I've been wanting to but just haven't signed up yet.

  2. I saw these when I was scrolling through The Toy Society to see if any of mine had been reported found yet...thought they were WONDERFUL! You did a great job!