Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remembering mom

Last night, as we lay in bed, my 8-year old son asked me, "Do you know why ever since I was born, I have been happy to be in this world? Guess." I answered, "Because everybody loves you?" "No", he quickly said.  "It's because I have you."

I wish I was that expressive to my mother when I was young. I learned to be so only later in my life, when I truly realized how valuable my mother was to me.  I am comforted in the fact that she knew how much I loved her long before she passed away.

Today (27th of October) is actually my mom's birthday.  She would have been 85.  Although she is no longer physically with us, this day will forever remain special.  We celebrated...had a nice dinner with my brother and his family, had ice cream and cupcakes (baked them myself!)...but the celebration was no longer about the years my mom had here on earth but more about the new life she now enjoys in heaven.

Happy birthday, Mom!  I love you and I miss you.

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  1. I feel just the same way. I am glad to know that what my mother didn't know then, she definitely knows now. That I love her and miss her so much.

  2. I'm thinking of you...I am just getting to that place in my life where I truly appreciate my mom. It took me a long time...i was a tad moody/emotional and I'm thinking I just took things too personal for a long time...selfish, probably. It's good to hear that you are still honoring your mother.....this is a good reminder for us to appreciate them. ...sure that your mom can see all the good you do in this world!

  3. Are you still giving away a free ebook? This is the last post I see updated on the subject.