Sunday, February 28, 2010

My take on Magnolia's Vanilla Cupcake

My copy of The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook arrived a few days ago. I think there is really no question as to what recipe I should be trying first. The Vanilla-Vanilla? Of course! According to Magnolia's original owners, this is the most popular cupcake at the bakery and that the most popular colour of the icing is pink.  Well, I've only been to New York once in my life and that was pre-Magnolia bakery days.  So until I get the chance to go back and have a taste of the real thing, I am going to have to rely on the recipe, trusting that this is really the same they use over at the bakery.

I've read conflicting reviews on the vanilla cupcake recipe.  Some swear that the resulting cupcake was the best they've ever eaten but countless others say that it was dry and lacking in flavour.  I just had to find out for myself!
(Of course, I had to use pink frosting as well!)

My verdict?  The vanilla cupcakes were beautiful! Probably not the best out there but nevertheless, moist with great flavour.  I actually ate two, one after the other.  Comparing the cupcake photo from the cookbook with my cupcake, the texture seemed pretty similar.

I didn't use the vanilla buttercream though.  Just by reading through the recipe, I knew how utterly sweet it was.  I opted for creamy vanilla frosting instead, the same Magnolia uses for their red velvet cupcakes.

Next on my list is the chocolate cupcake.

The recipe for Magnolia Bakery's Vanilla Cupcake can be found here and the Creamy Vanilla Frosting here.  Half recipe of the frosting is enough to make swirly tops for 24 cupcakes.


  1. It's no calories for looking, right? Looks beautiful and delicious!

  2. your icing is more appetizing than the one on the book...can't wait to have a taste of your cupcakes corinni....swanie