Friday, February 19, 2010

One year on...

Today marks my mom's first death anniversary. One year on, I can honestly say I am doing ok. I still do find myself crying every so often. The sad thoughts seem to just hit me unexpectedly......when I am at church, while I'm driving, before I go to sleep at night. When the tears fall though, it is when I think my mother is probably just in my midst watching over me.  For that reason then, crying becomes a good thing.

I no longer fear dying. Why would I, when I know, that is the only way I would be reunited with my mother? I believe without a speck of doubt that she is in heaven and if I were to get to that same place and see her again someday, I need to live the kind of life that she lived. That is my personal challenge. She was a woman of great faith. Even through her tremendous pain and sufferings, she never ceased praying and trusting in our Lord. She was also a selfless wife and mother, who loved my father and us, her children, unconditionally.

As you leave this blog, I ask that you say even just a short prayer for my mom and for your own loved ones who have gone ahead of you.


  1. ikaw ay sa aking mga saloobin at panalangin.
    Diyos basbasan ang iyong ina.

  2. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. What a gift that you had a Mom so loving and that she had a daughter to love so deeply.

    I lost my Mom in 76 and I still miss her so much. We as daughters were so lucky to share our lives with such wonderful gals.

    I try to live each day in tribute to all of my Mom's hard work in raising me.

  3. I have yet to lose a parent, so I can't imagine your pain and sadness, although I know it's not all that far off with mom being 77 and dad being 82. It's all the cycle of life, and we all know it's going to happen, but we are never ready to lose those we love. Obviously you are rooted in your faith and God's promise of eternal life. I'm with you - we need to keep our life on track so that we have that hope of being reunited with our loved ones who have gone before us. May our kind and loving Father comfort your heart and give you the strength and courage to continue on your earthly journey until you are through here. And a prayer will be offered up for your mom this evening, too.
    Peace & Prayers