Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modelling with fondant

Over the last few months, I have really been trying my very best to improve on my cake decorating skills.  I have welcomed every opportunity to bake and decorate.  While I can say that I can now frost and pipe borders confidently, I sadly cannot say the same for making roses from buttercream or royal icing.  I have actually wasted three batches of royal icing trying to practice...don't know if I'm piping incorrectly or if my icing is just not the right consistency.  I have failed miserably.

Having experimented on those modelling paste baby booties, I figured it was time to give fondant roses a go.  I found this You Tube video demostrating a very easy way of making them.  No tools were needed, which was great.  Have a watch if you are interested.

My first attempt yielded this...

I was really pretty happy with that.  At last, a decent rose! 

I also tried a slightly different method.  Instead of the spiral center, I made a cone for the rosebud. Again, I just used my fingers to shape this.

It turned out even prettier and it looks more realistic, doesn't it?

Because of my success with the rose, I am now so into modelling with fondant.  But let me just say this...while fondant cakes are simply the most beautiful and stunning cakes I've seen and even though I am very keen to learn about cake decorating with fondant, I am not a convert.  I have not eaten a fondant-covered cake even once but I've heard and read comments that while they are a feast for the eyes, they do not taste very good.   I still prefer frosting that I can spread and pipe out.  Who doesn't like meringue buttercream, seven minute frosting, cream cheese or whipped cream?  I am a firm believer that although people eat with their eyes, it still comes down to the taste.

Anyway, before I end, here's just one more new thing I've rose cupcake toppers!  Find the tutorial for this and other cake decorating ideas here.

How cute are those?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful!!! I love the look of fondant, but you are right, sometimes the taste isn't great. Marshmallow fondant is much tastier and really easy to make and work with. You did such a beautiful job on those roses I am tempted to give it a try!

  2. WoW! Lovely job you did there, and the post about the booties cupcake toppers too!

  3. Those are really beautiful! I'm quite impressed. :)

  4. I agree, the cone at the centre of the rose does make a difference. They've come out really beautiful! Love the mini ribbon roses too, I've made some the other day but I find that when I start rolling the mini rose, it cracks :( I've added shortening to it and kneaded it will and although it seems pliable, it just keeps cracking. Any advice?

  5. I'm no expert but it might be better to use gumpaste rather than fondant because gumpaste is much more pliable and stronger than fondant. It can be rolled very thinly without breaking or cracking.

    To make a quick gumpaste, just work 1 tablespoon of tylose powder into 1 pound of fondant.

  6. Is the fondant you used here the same as your modelling paste recipe? or did you buy fondant from a store?