Thursday, September 2, 2010

One more time

I don't know why...but everytime I am so happy with something I sew, I end up making a second one, even though I do not really need to. I just can't seem to stop at one.

Yes, you guessed it...I made another wallet.

As you can see, I've already transferred my stuff into this one.  I actually like the fabrics on the first wallet more and I've done better stitching on that one too.  This wallet, however, is much sturdier, owing to the fact that I used heavier interfacing. I like it better that way, hence, the change.  The good thing is, I've now got an extra wallet on reserve!

I was in the process of making another pouch from the leftover fabrics as well, but then my machine's stitches started going awry (I don't why) and I just had to stop, else I'll just be frustrated. That would have to wait for now.

Tomorrow, I will be working on another cake order and then another one on Sunday. I'm really very grateful and blessed that I am able to do this, as well as have my small Etsy shop, whilst being a stay at home mom. It seems I am doing pretty ok...