Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Alone again

I never would have thought that watching re-runs of Dragonball Z and That's So Raven with my four kids nearly every single night for the past two months would make me miss them as they all went back to school.  While in the past, I would look forward to being alone again after the lengthy vacation, this time around, it's like a big part of me had gone missing.

We didn't do anything much out of the ordinary during the school holidays.  It's summer and we didn't even go to the beach, not even once!  Personally though, I feel my family bonded a lot more by staying home .  We played boardgames and ping pong, watched our favourite TV shows and laughed together, stayed up late every single night.  Considering three of my kids are teenagers, I think doing these things with them was priceless and worth much more than any trip to the beach.

So now, I should get back to normality, to my old routine and to faithfully doing my chores (which I slightly neglected when my kids were around).  I surely am looking forward to more sewing, baking and more computer time too!

Before I end, here's a simple laptop sleeve I recently sewed up for my daughter.  I made her a laptop bag at the beginning of the school year last year but after using it for sometime, she found it difficult for her to be carrying that plus her heavy backpack.  This one, she can just chuck in her backpack along with her other stuff.

I used the leftover denim from the laptop bag and appliqued a couple of flowers which are actually cutouts from a curtain material I found at the Op Shop a long time ago.  I lined the denim with fusible fleece and used pre-quilted material for the inside (again, a leftover from the laptop bag).

The laptop fit rather snugly because of the thickness of the bag layers but I think the snug fit is actually a good thing.

Close-up of applique.  I think the blanket stitch really adds a nice look to it!
That's about it for now.  It seems I'm getting distracted again.  There's so much to do around the house.  I better get moving.

Have a good week!


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  1. The house always seems a little empty when all the commotion stops after a holiday, doesn't it? On the other hand...silence IS golden!!! ;-)

  2. This laptopbag is georgeous!:O)))