Thursday, February 3, 2011

More baby gifts

Baby changing pad, nappy/wipes clutch, and bath mitt (I hope you're not getting tired of seeing this bird fabric yet!)

I used the tutorials here and here to make the baby changing pad and the bath mitt.  For the changing pad,  I used two layers of fusible fleece and quilted the flannel myself instead of buying a pre-quilted one.   For someone who nearly hated bias binding just a while back, I can even say I thoroughly enjoyed making these!  Seriously...I think I'm even beginning to love bias binding.  It makes everything look so neat.

The baby shower was yesterday.  I brought along these baby items plus the baby bibs I made earlier.  Can you believe it, the two moms-to-be aren't even my close friends?  They're my sister in-law's.  I haven't even met one of them till yesterday.  But it really didn't matter.  I had a great time making presents!

And this cake,too...

Purple yam cake (Ube macapuno) as requested


  1. Great! Love those baby things. And the cake is fantastic! Great job!!!
    Have a lovely day! :O)))

  2. Corinne, those are adorable! Good job!

  3. You really have nice work!! both sewing and baking..been following and trying your recipes for a while already. Thanks for sharing!!

    By the way, is that fondant icing where your baby and booties lay on? I really like your cake designs, simple yet elegant.

  4. Hello Jinky,


    I used gumpaste for the decorations, including the base which I rolled out on a cardboard round lined with baking paper underneath. I like doing this to prevent my moulded figures from getting in direct contact with the cake frosting.