Sunday, February 12, 2012


Thank God it's Sunday night!  I know, I's Monday tomorrow and nobody likes Monday.  But I am just relieved that the past week is nearly over.  It was one pretty busy week.

Perseverance really does pay off, doesn't it?  I am very happy to say that I am finally done with the travel wallet instructions!  It has been a long time coming. Here's the wallet I made and took step by step photos of.

What else is there to make with that fabric???
I think many people will be glad that the eBook will be available in the shop soon.  Will just need to have the pattern tested this week, fix up whatever kinks there are and then it will be ready.  I am already excited to share this!

As for my 'caking' this week, I had a full schedule as well.  Made 5 cakes and 64 cupcakes.  The first 32 cupcakes were Lego-themed and a real treat to make!

Vanilla cupcakes with gumpaste Lego block toppers.
Used a silicone mould for the Lego blocks.  Quite an expensive piece of cake decorating gadget but well worth the expense.
Modelled freehand, this gumpaste Lego minifig is the same size as the real one. Cool, yeah?
The other 32 cupcakes are for a 6-year old girl's birthday tomorrow.  She is sharing it with her class at school. I have already baked and frosted them but will put the toppers tomorrow morning.  They're Lalaloopsy-inspired!  Can't wait to show you.

Anyway, that's it for now. It's getting late.  Got to have a good night's rest as it will be another busy week ahead.  Have a good one!


  1. Oh Corinne,

    I love it... both the wallet and your cupcakes... they are so awesome...

    it is your fault that I drill all over my keyboard... that looks just so yummy...

    to bad you are so far away...

    and my daughter loves Lalaloopsy... can't wait to see what you made...

    warmest regards from Germany


  2. SUper!!!!!!
    Will u make TUTORIAL?
    I wlike it so much but have no idea how its done :))

  3. nice cup cakes.... can i ask your recipe? thanks so much for your tutorials :)

  4. ur the best!!! ur cupcakes look so good... yeah can we ur recipe for vanilla cupacake :)

    1. I do not make vanilla cupcakes often so I tend to try different recipes each time. For these cupcakes, I used this recipe:

      For the frosting, I used this:

      Both are good.

  5. Ate pede po ba hingiin ung recepe nyo ng Ensaymada, d ko po kasi mahanap.. d ko po nasulat dati... Maraming salamat sa masasarap na lutuin nyo po..


    1. Hi Mavic,

      Hindi pa ako gumagawa ng ensaymada, sorry. Sa ibang site mo nakita yun.

  6. Hi Ms. Corinne

    I have a question regarding the frosting can I also substitute the half the butter with shortening? To make it sturdy? Thanks...


    1. Yes. I've never done it myself though, because I do not like shortening.

  7. Hi Corinne, I stumbled on this site when hunting for travel related fabric for my mum.
    Those travel wallets are fantastic! I do have one question though, where did you get the material? its gorgeous but I cant seem to find it anywhere!
    Thanks in advance!

    1. I bought the fabric from Spotlight here in Melbourne.