Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Project #2: Travel wallet resurrected

Last week, I received a personal message from Craftster saying that my travel wallet had been included in the Purses, Bags and Wallets Featured Projects of 2011.  I consider this an honour simply because hundreds (or thousands?) of projects are posted in that board each year.

As I've mentioned here before, I have sort of abandoned my travel wallet project.  I intended to make a pattern for it last year but when I encountered problems with the pattern and with the binding, I got frustrated and set it aside.  The news from Craftster, however, has inspired me to work on this pattern again.  After all, I did have all I needed ready and I even have the most appropriate fabrics for it.

I worked on a new travel wallet yesterday and surprisingly, everything just fell easily into place...from the pattern down to the binding.  I wondered why it was so hard before!  And I must say, the resulting wallet is really one of the best things I have ever sewn!

Closed wallet.  What you think of that fabric?
Open wallet
Left side with passport and ticket pockets plus a long pocket and a pen loop
Right side with ID window and card slots plus 2 extra pockets and a luggage key holder
The cover
Filled with everything I will ever need at the airport!
I feel confident that I can finish this pattern this time around.  If you think the fabric I used is awesome, wait till I show you another fabric I bought specifically for this....

Lately, I have been enjoying my non-baking time sewing stuff.  Apart from the cosmetic bags and this travel wallet, I also made myself an apron.  I used my son's work apron as my pattern.

 I even made it reversible!

The fabrics are from David Textiles' Kiss the Cook range.

When my apron was in the wash the other day, I had to borrow my daughter's.  I could tell she didn't want me using hers.  When I told her I was making an apron, she said, "Good, so you don't have to borrow mine."  After I had sewn this, I went to her room and flaunted it in front of her.  Then she said, "Can we swap?"

Naaah.  This one's mine...but I'm letting her borrow it, of course.


  1. Your apron is perfect. congrats

  2. I am not sure which I love more, the apron or the travel wallet. Congratulations on both!

  3. Oh Corinne PLEASE put the pattern for the travel wallet in your Etsy shop. I am about to make two of these for my husband and I and it would be SO much easier to use your pattern then measuring and fiddling myself!!!!

    1. Catherine,

      I made another wallet the other day and took pictures of each step. Now, I am in the middle of writing the instructions. However, I am so busy this week with cakes so I am a bit behind. Hope you don't need the pattern really, really soon.

  4. Oh Corinne we are not going until the 17th March so hopefully (LOL) you may have managed it a little time before then. If not I will still be able to make them for next time we travel.I have a couple of your patterns (Lily and Simple and Classy) and have used a few of your tutorials. I have many, (many!) bag patterns purchased online from Etsy and You Can Make This and yours are by far the clearest hence my excitement!