Sunday, May 20, 2012

How would you have felt?

I didn't intend to post here again so soon but I am just itching to tell you a story. (Take note: This has nothing to do with my predicament on the previous post.)

Last month, a friend of mine mentioned she would soon be ordering a cake from me for her daughter's eighteenth birthday.  I sensed she was a bit worried about the cost as she would have to pay for food catering and other party-related stuff as well. Since I would be giving a present anyway, I thought, why not just gift the cake instead?  When I told my friend, she appreciated the gesture very much.

Fast forward to last night, the night of the birthday party.  Below is the cake I had made.  I know I could have done a better job but I still thought it was pretty cool.

 A 12" chocolate cake, as requested, with gumpaste decorations.

I bought a JEM ladies shoe cutter specifically for this purpose.  I liked how I had embossed the celebrant's name on the shoe itself, like it's the shoe brand.

Thinking the cake might not be enough, I also prepared 24 banana cupcakes with matching flower decorations.

When we arrived at the party, I was led to where the cake was to be placed.  To my surprise, at the center of the dining area were two matching cakes displayed in one of those floating-style cake stands.  Those cakes apparently were the "main" birthday cakes.  Another family friend had them made somewhere else.  I was then directed to a small table reserved for my cake. It was located in the corner of the same area next to where the plates and utensils were. And the cupcakes? There wasn't enough space on that small table so I had to leave them on the carrier and put them down somewhere else.  Too bad cause they did match my cake and the two would have looked nice together.

To top it all, the birthday girl didn't even acknowledge my cake's presence.  Not to me anyway. It was like it was invisible.  Sigh.  

I could have felt hurt right then and there but I consciously chose not to be.  

A moment later, my friend's auntie came up to me and said she wondered what those shoes in my cake were made of so she took a pinch off it  to taste it.  What????  Did I hear that right?   I sneakily went to the table to take a peek at my cake and true enough, there was a chip on one of the shoes.

Was it time to get upset now?

I tried my best to be as understanding as possible.  Some people just don't know how much time and effort go into making these decorations that is why they do not appreciate them and treat them (and the maker as well) with respect. They don't know how much care is exerted to make sure a cake makes it to its destination in perfect shape. Just like that...a chip.

Well, I didn't let that ruin my night.  And you know what? As guests were having a taste of both cakes (which happened to be both chocolate), I overheard them saying mine was the better-tasting one.  

So, was I still happy inspite of everything?  Absolutely.  (But I would be lying if I didn't admit I can still see that chip on the shoe in my head until now.)

PS. In fairness, let me just add that they did put my cake next to the two others when it was time to sing happy birthday to the debutante.  And they did light up the candle. :)


  1. That is so sad, sorry to hear about your experience. I would have been heartbroken had that happened to me.
    I think your cake looks absolutely wonderful, and the matching cupcakes really a neat idea.


  2. Poor you, I would have been incredibly upset by that how rude. Your cake looks wonderful.

  3. I understand your dissapointment...

    for that reason I don't give handmade gifts to people who don't value the effort...

    It had been less trouble, time and probably less expensive to buy a gift at the store...

    it depends on your friendship to the mother, but I probably would tell her, that I was kind of hurt how things went...

    On the other hand... would a conversation change anything...??? or just learn from it and say more often "NO"...

    For me... I would love a cake like that and express it how generous your gift is... but this is, because I craft myself and know how long it takes to make "handmade" things, no matter if it is sewing or baking...

    Take a deep breath and enjoy your sunday...

    warmest regards


  4. I would be very upset if I and my creations were treated that way. Your cake looked awesome and so did your cupcakes. I am a high heel girl, so I really appreciate the decor on the cake. I am so glad you overheard guests saying how much better your cake was. Good for you for not letting others foolishness ruin your good time.

  5. HOw would I have felt? Like two cents waiting for change! Absolutely horrible and thoroughly disappointed. There should have been some acknowledgment (dare I say gushing!) of your splendid gift. I am mortified that someone would take a chip off of a cake that others are going to eat--how unsanitary and self-indulgent. I am glad to hear that your cake was the tastiest--that is a consolation :O) So, what is the lesson in all this? Perhaps you should be charging more for your work or as the last commenter suggested, learning to say "no" more often? I must say though, your cake looks maganda at masarap!! (Am I remembering my Tagalog correctly?)

  6. I think Andrea said it all, I feel for you I really do. I would have appreciated that cake so much, I would have been showing everyone who attended lol xx

  7. It's sad to know your story...I know the effort and the time you consumed to make a lovely cake and to top all that is the love in your heart in making the cake. I just don't understand how other people won't even be grateful enough to what you did.....but on the other hand, you'll be blessed because God knows your desire is, and that is to share your talent and even give what you have to others. And I commend you on that coz you even thought of your friend from her budget. You've done a great job! Cheers to that!

    Hope I can meet you in person, because I've learned a lot from you just reading all your post. I'm living in Melbourne too and my hubby told me once, "why don't you ask her to meet and have a cuppa?". Not a bad idea......:) What do you think?

    1. That would be great (though it really depends whereabouts in Melbourne you are). Email me sometime.

  8. It makes me sad to hear your story. The fact that your cakes are gorgeous and of professional quality isn't even important. Your friend asked you to make it and even if it was a cake made from a box with icing from a can, it would still deserve respect. I've had similar experiences and it has taught me that most people only value what they have to spend their cold hard cash on.
    I have awarded your cake a standing ovation and a blue ribbon and sent a mental raspberry to the old aunt.

  9. maybe because she just turned 18 and still being a brat. she has not matured yet as an adult. dont waste your precious time with those people dont deserve to be treated that way, your fabulous cakes are superb. it is their loss and their they say you have to choose your friends.

    1. Don't get me wrong. However disappointing it was, I did not take any of the things that happened against these people. They meant no harm. Just didn't know any better.

  10. Your cake and the matching cupcakes are marvelous! I am sorry that you felt that way. Like you said maybe they just did not know any better. Kudos for having only the best intention when you decided to give her with the cakes as present. I hope your friend will be ableto read your blog so that she will have an idea how much time and effort you put on your wonderful cake creations. Cheer up!

  11. I'm glad you took the high road and kept your cool. At least now you already know what to do next time they order from you or if they invite you to their party. Your cake and cupcakes look delicious and fabulous!

  12. hi corrine,

    Great cake, can i aske what frosting do you used in this cake??? Happy Baking!

    1. It's chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.