Friday, May 18, 2012


I am just feeling so down right now.  More than anything, I feel really misunderstood and betrayed.

I don't want to talk about it though.  I don't want to vent and cry.

So, I thought, why not just go and post something here.  I've been away for a while anyway.  Didn't even get the chance to greet all you moms out there last Sunday.  Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day!

As for me, I got some special treats from my kids.  For one, my daughter made me this card.

See, she tried to include some of the things I love...sewing, baking, the iPad app "Draw Something", my mobile phone (which she says is always ringing for cake orders), and Grey's Anatomy (the one and only show I truly love and watch faithfully).  My kids bought me a Pictionary too because they said I really dig that "drawing and guessing" thing.

Did I have a cake for Mother's day?  Unfortunately, no.  We are basically tired of cakes and even if we weren't, I'd really have no more extra time to make one anyway.

I did make cakes for other people and for other occasions.  Here are some of them (again).  Hope you don't get tired of looking...


Pocoyo, who????  Never even heard of this children's show before.  (My youngest grew up on Wiggles and Hi-5 and he's nearly 11 now.)  The birthday boy's mom wanted all 5 main characters on the cake so I really had to do my research!  Thankfully, the cake topper turned out quite lovely.


Isn't Eden Rose such a beautiful name? Wish I had thought of nice names like that for my own children!


I truly had a blast making this cake.  Angry birds in superhero form!  The birthday boy's reaction upon seeing this cake was really priceless.


First time to make those gumpaste hi-cut sneakers.  Loved it!

Ok, I'm feeling a little relieved now.  I just wish I don't get any more upsetting emails, phone calls, or text messages for the rest of this day.  I don't need them and I truly don't deserve any of them.

Hope you are all doing better than me.  Take care now.


  1. Whatever it is that's making you feel awful right now, I hope with prayers you'll feel so much better. Anyway, you're a "Cake Queen!" Your cakes are absolutely beautiful. Take care my friend!

  2. Oh Corinne,

    I really can relate... Sometimes I feel so worn out... but it helps to focus on the family, the real important things and just spend time at home and cut appointments...

    Just think about it what really matters... don't let people get you like this...

    it will be better... it always gets better... and don't spend time with people who don't do any good to you...

    Warmest regards to the "cake queen"


  3. I wish you better days. Your daughter sums you up pretty well with the lovely card. Belated happy mother's day, Corinne.

    BTW, I love love your Pocoyo cake. My son is a fan of Pocoyo.

  4. I am so sorry to hear that you are being bombarded by negativity. Your cakes are just fantastic. We love Pocoyo in our house and that cake is perfect. Hang in there. This cloud will pass over.

  5. You are wonderful! And I only know you through this blog!

    Sending beautiful thoughts your way.....hope the sun shines brighter for you soon!


  6. I may be posting this a little late and I'm sure by now you must be feeling better, I certainly hope so anyway. I just can't understand why people have to be so heartless and unfeeling.
    Your cakes are just 'out of this world', really wonderful! Well done and God bless you and your creativity : )

  7. I never tire of looking at your cakes. The details are always so amazing.

  8. Oh! Just ignored those kind of people corinne. You are such a lovely helpful lady. Really life is like and all the best and my prayer goes for you.