Monday, June 18, 2012


Feeling a bit homesick today.  I made this short video (to the beautiful music of Carole King's Home Again), a compilation of some old family photos. As you will see, I belong to a very big family.  I am the only girl and the youngest among 9 children.  Mom and my brother Rey have passed in recent years.

Old photos are so special, aren't they? Especially the black and white prints.  They just transport you to another place and time.

Things were very much different then.  Kids are not the same these days.

Good times.  I do miss my family very much.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video with us, it's priceless! Like you being away from home makes me feel so homesick sometimes. I also love looking at old photos, listening to familiar music and reminiscing the past happy and sad moments with family and friends. My parents are no longer with us but all my 4 sisters are still alive but we live in different parts of the world. Last February was another memorable month when we had our family reunion, it was short and sweet. I'm happy where I am now but there's nothing like being around with family and true friends.