Monday, March 17, 2008

25 Random Facts about Me

1. I belong to a family of 9 children. I am the youngest and only girl.
2. I am a Filipino-born Australian citizen.
3. I am a Roman Catholic.
4. I look younger than my age. Would probably even appear much younger if I dye my white hair!
5. I like Chinese food and pasta.
6. My real name is Mary and Heart in Spanish.
7. I quit the corporate world when my first son was born. That was 14 years ago.
8. I am a frustrated athlete. I wish I could do taekwondo.
9. I sell my handmade rosaries on eBay Australia.
10. The last movie I watched in the cinema was Juno.
11. I think Johnny Depp is way cool.
12. I dream of going to Jerusalem and Rome someday.
13. I am quite good at playing the piano, but I wish I learned how to play classical guitar as well.
14. I hate cleaning fish.
15. I have an Engineering degree.
16. I love Billy Joel's music. I have ALL of his recorded songs in my mp3 player. I watched his Melbourne concert in late 2006.
17. I fear the fact that my kids are growing up fast.
18. I am scared of snakes. Even just the thought of seeing one scares me.
19. My kids think I'm a great cook.
20. I've read all 7 Harry Potter books.
21. I can make the best Cathedral Windows dessert ever.
22. I am a homebody.
23. I had my first boyfriend at 17.
24. The life of St. Francis inspires me. My first-born was named after him.
25. I love my kids to death.

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