Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Premier's 30-Minute Challenge

Last Saturday, our family registered for the Premier's Active Families Challenge. This challenge is an initiative of the Victorian government, in line with their 'Go For Life' campaign, which aims to improve the physical activity levels, health and wellbeing of families. To successfully complete the challenge, team members (such as our family) must complete at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day for 30 days. The program will run from the 9th of March up to the 20th of April.

On Sunday, the first day of the challenge, our family headed for the nearby basketball court. It was a very hot day (35 degrees), thus we had to wait until 5 o'clock in the afternoon before going out. I haven't played basketball in a long time, but it is THE one sport I am actually good at. I challenged my two older boys to a game of 21. In my younger days (modesty aside), I was actually unbeatable at this game and I am proud to say I still have the magic touch. I gave them a thrashing! Can't wait for our next game...

The next day, Monday, was a public holiday. My husband had planned for us to go to Queens Park in Moonee Ponds for a bit of breakfast picnic, jogging, walking, kick to kick, playground playing (does that sound right?). We left the house at 8am. I would have wanted to go earlier but then my kids liked to sleep in on a non-school day. We had real good fun.

The rest of the weekdays, we are doing our physical activities separately. My two boys had footy training this afternoon. My husband went on his usual gym workout. I parked my car outside the kids' school this morning, then walked 3.5 km to our home. I walked back to the school in the afternoon to get my car and my kids. That was more than an hour's worth of brisk walking!

With this Active Families Challenge, we do not only hope to get healthier. More importantly, it is a chance for our family to spend more quality time together.

If you'd like more information on this great program, go here.

Those are my kids feeding the ducks at Queens Park with old bread.

My little one trying to get fit in the playground.

This fly was busy getting healthy as well, sucking up all the milk droppings on our picnic table. Did not even mind me taking its photo so up close!

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