Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to Make a Rosary Bracelet

A rosary bracelet is a one decade rosary that can be worn around the wrist. The rosary bracelet in this tutorial is made up of 12 beads - one for the Our Father, ten for the Hail Marys and one for the Glory Be. It also has a crucifix and a religious medal. I prefer to use an 8mm bead for the Our Father and smaller beads for the rest, but this is not necessary. Also, the length of this bracelet is 7 1/2 inches. The size can easily be adjusted by shortening or lengthening the chain.

In an earlier blog, I provided a link to rosary-making instructions from the Rosary Shop. Since the procedure is basically the same, I am adapting most of the steps into this tutorial.

You will need:
1 - 8mm bead
11 - 6mm beads
12 eyepins
4 pre-cut chain links (two 3-link and two 5-link)
2 large jumprings
1 small jumpring
1 lobster claw clasp
round nose pliers
flat nose pliers
wire cutter

1. Take one eyepin and open the eye on one of the ends by twisting the free end of the wire sideways. Insert a 5-link chain into the open eye, then close the eyepin by twisting the free end back into its loop.

2. Place the 8mm bead on the eyepin. Bend the wire in such a way that it is perpendicular to the eye on the other side. Using a wire cutter, snip the wire so that about 3/8 of an inch of wire extends past the bead.

3. Move your round nose pliers down to the end of the wire. With a firm grip, rotate your wrist, rolling the wire toward the bead to make a nice loop. Leave a small gap in the loop (for the next step). This step is a little bit tricky and it requires some amount of practice to perfect your loops, so be patient.

That's a nice, round loop right there!

4. Insert a 3-link chain into the gap, then close the loop.

5. Take another eyepin and repeat step 1. Slip the other end of the 3-link chain into the open eye then close the loop. Using a 6mm bead this time, repeat steps 2 and 3. Place the eye of the next pin through the gap. String the next 9 beads to form the decade. On the last bead, leave the eye slightly open.

6. Slip the 2nd 3-link chain into the open eye, then close.

7. Open the last eyepin and hook into the chain. Close the loop. Place the last 6mm bead into the eyepin. Make the loop on the other side, in the same way as in the other eyepins. Put the last 5-link chain on the open loop before closing.

8. Get the small jumpring. Gripping it on either side of its opening with round nose and flat nose pliers, bend the metal sideways in opposite directions to open it. Insert the lobster claw clasp through the opening.

9. Attach the jumpring with the clasp to the 5-link chain (on the 8mm bead side). Get one large jumpring, open and attach it to the other end of the bracelet. Make sure the jumprings on both sides are securely closed.

10. Take the last large jumpring, open and insert the medal and crucifix. Hook the jumpring through the chain between the 8mm bead and the first 6mm bead. Make sure the crucifix is on top of the medal. Close the jumpring.

11. That's it! You are done. The rosary bracelet is ready to be worn and used for prayer anytime you need it!

Hope the instructions were clear enough to follow. Feel free to comment or send me photos of your bracelets. If you need instructions on how to recite the rosary, click here.


  1. Hello, I really enjoyed looking through your blog! I make wire wrapped Rosaries and I have been looking for ideas on rosaries my Granddaughter could make for her friends. I really like the acrylic ones you have. I think that she would like them also. Could you please let me know where you found the materials you used? Thanks Brenda

  2. Hi Brenda, I purchased the acrylic materials during one of my trips to the Philippines. They are very inexpensive over there, like one big bag of beads costs less than a dollar. I have been thinking of selling some of my supplies over at eBay but I haven't gotten around to doing that....

  3. I have so enjoyed reading your blog!! The tutorials are great! I came for the bags and stayed for the food! Thanks again!!

  4. Thanks a lot, Corrine! I find this very informative coz I am going to make rosary bracelets for my parents' 50th wedding anniv give aways...Again, thanks! Ceci

  5. Excellent Instructions on how to make the rosary bracelet. It is so elementary the way you explained, along with photos. Thanks so much for your help on this. I make bracelets, but wanted to make sure I didn't make any mistakes while making the rosary bracelets to sell at my church bazar held this spring. You are a kind person to do this for people on the internet. Have a wonderful New Year 2010!!Patsy

  6. Thanks so much for the idea! Do you know where I could find crucifix and medal beads?

  7. Hello, I buy my rosary making supplies from here: They have everything you will need and at very reasonable prices. Thanks for asking!

  8. Thank you for these instructions. I was just asked to make a bracelet and I didn't have a clue! Now I know, these instructions are GREAT!

  9. Hi Corinne,
    I am new to jewelry making, where would I find pre cut chain links?
    Thanks for being so kind and generous with your talents!

  10. Hi Nancy, I usually buy my rosary making supplies (chain included) from these two sites:

    If you just need chain, you can most likely find it in most craft shops. Thanks for asking!

  11. Thanks for your help, Corinne. I found pre cut chains at St. Joseph's. I wasn't sure if you buy chains and do it yourself. I can't wait to start making Rosary bracelets. Your website is wonderful to visit, thanks and God Bless you for being so giving. Nancy

  12. Hi,
    Thank-you for the wonderful tutorial:) Just one question if I decided to use 4mm beads should i increase the amount of chain links i use because the bracelet will turn out smaller?

  13. Hello,

    Yes, you do have to increase the length of your chain links. How much you will increase them by depends on your required final bracelet length.

    Thanks for asking!

  14. Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

    Contact me here if you have a concern.


  15. Thank you very much for sharing these instructions. I am going to make and wear a set on my wedding day. I'm Anglican and my fiance is Catholic. We're having an Anglican marriage ceremony but it's important to me to do this as a gesture to the man I love and his family. Thanks again!

  16. Corinne, I love this and it would be my first project. I am getting ready to order my items from Fire Mountain Gems but the eyepins, jumprings and lobster clawclasp all come in sizes. What size did you use? Also, what type of metal did you use? I am so excited about making this! Thanks!

    1. I had a look at the Fire Mountain Gems website for the choices. You can purchase the 1" eyepins, the small jumprings (4mm I think), the 6-7mm jumprings, and the 10x6 lobster claw clasp.

      I just used silver plated metal.

      Have fun!

    2. Corinne,

      Thank you so much for checking Fire Mountain Gems and helping with sizes. There is so much to learn! Really appreciate the help. Placing my order this afternoon. Thanks again!

  17. Thanks for the great post. I've been trying to make something similar to this for my wife, because her birthday is coming up. I feel like she would love something like this.