Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finally something I will actually use...

I take down notes all the time. Most of my crafting ideas come to me in the most unexpected time and places. I get those "light bulb flashes" a lot when I am in the car, parked outside my kids' school, while waiting for the sound of the school bell. Once, I found myself without a notebook, I had to jot my ideas down at the back of a supermarket docket. Many times, too, I must admit, I get those 'Aha' moments when my mind wanders off to the crafting world while I am at church (shame on me, I know).

So you see, a notebook and pen are my two very important companions. A couple of nights ago, I made this...finally, a thing I could actually use...

I am still using my mobile phone camera (crap!)

An inexpensive A5 journal dressed up in this neat fabric cover with pen loop and button loop closure! I love, love, love it! It's a great gift idea too.

I am definitely making more of this but would alter just some very minor things.

Do you feel a tutorial coming? I can...


  1. I love all your tutorials, so yes please, do it.
    It´s a great idea for xmast present.
    And I need one for me too!
    I´m having a look what fabrics I got at home for make one.
    Pics with the phone are perfet.

  2. I love this! very cute! I sure hope you are feeling a tutorial coming. Would love to learn how you put the pen holder part on.

  3. Do I feel a tutorial coming up?! I sure hope so :), most of the note book cover tutorial that I has seen dont include the pen holder... That would make great socks filler for christmas :)

  4. WOW you sure dress up a boring notebook with your delightful cover! You are so wonderfully creative and your work looks very neatly finished. Well done. I love the idea of being able to get your patterns etc. in e-books, that was a brilliant idea. I expect that whilst your sewing one thing, your mind is busy mapping out the designs for the next project. You're so energetic and enthusiastic, and it's contagious! Bye for now, Luv, Mo :)