Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Testing Pattern Number 2

I tried out my second pattern this morning. I had second thoughts on making a post about it today as I only had my mobile phone to take pictures with. My husband left earlier for a well deserved two-week holiday in the Philippines and naturally took our digital camera with him. I took pictures anyway and considering it was rainy, I was surprised the shots were quite decent.

This is my yet-to-be-named little praying angel...

(Not a very nice place to take a picture on, I know. But this was the best dry spot I could find outside, sorry about that.)

And here's the back view with the quilted wings.

Some things I would possibly do next time:
1) Make the doll a little bit larger/taller. This first one ended up 12" tall.
2) Put the legs a little closer to each other.
3) Raise the shoulders up a bit.
4) Improve the hands. My kids did not recognize the hands at first glance. Maybe use another fabric instead of felt?

We'll see how it goes. Meanwhile, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the help with the bear! I will be finalizing the ePattern and instructions for that as soon as I get the camera back.


  1. The angel's really sweet. I love the fabric used =D
    But I have to agree with your kids - I could not identify the hands at first look. Other than that, it's angelic!

  2. Wow, this is so cute! I love everything, including legs and shoulders! Maybe the hands could be more visible, yes, but anyway - that is a great work! Don't know why you don't sell the dolls yet - the quality of your work is amazing!