Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nothing much, just random stuff

I didn't realize it's been a week since I wrote my last post. We just had a four-day weekend and I've been pretty busy preparing a surprise slideshow presentation for my brother's 50th birthday celebration on Saturday. I had a real blast looking at family photos from the 1960s up to the present. So nice to reminisce once in a while.

Of course, I squeezed in a bit of sewing. Made this CD holder which I am not particularly proud of (but will share with you just the same)...

I planned it carefully but the execution was not as good. I have to draft a better design.

I was thrilled though to install the eyelets (or grommets). It was my first time and I did not know they were that easy to use till then...and now I'm thinking of all sorts of ways to use them. For a belt perhaps?

I also made some baby stuff for my sister in-law's friend's newborn daughter. I miss having a baby around and just thought it would be nice to sew something for a baby.

These are my quick and easy-to-make baby washers. I just adore the cute flannel prints.

Each one is backed with cotton towelling.

I also made a burp cloth and matching bib.

My sister in-law said I could easily sell this stuff and encouraged me to make more. I just might. And I'll probably do a tutorial too.

Have a great day!


  1. I love those washers, especially with the flannel on one side and the towelling on the other. I have a few friends pregnant at the moment and this is a lovely little present. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely washers! I am also sewing bibs these days. Your cd holder is great!

  3. I would love to see a tutorial on these. I have a young friend who is pregnant and I would love to make some for her.