Monday, November 24, 2008

TUTORIAL: Appliqued T-shirt (Handmade Holiday Gift Idea #4)

I've seen this done many times in so many different craft sites/blogs that I wanted to try it out myself. I did this particular one on a plain kid size t-shirt but any size would actually do... plus the design possibilities are endless.

The flower pattern I used can be found here. You can use the same or choose from loads of other free applique patterns on the same site, or better still, you can create your own.

plain t-shirt
small scraps of fabric
small piece of iron-on adhesive (fusible webbing) for the applique - use the light kind
small button (if using the flower pattern)
matching thread

How to:
1. Prepare your materials. Print and cut out your pattern. Trace your shapes onto the paper side of your iron-on adhesive, then cut them out. If using the same flower pattern, cut out two leaves.

2. Following the manufacturer's instructions, iron on your shapes to the wrong side of your fabrics. Once cooled, cut out the fabric shapes, then peel off the paper backing.

3. Place the applique on your desired position on the t-shirt. Once you are happy with your design, fuse (iron-on) your applique. Let cool.

4. For more durability, sew the applique all around using a narrow zigzag stitch.

5. Neatly sew on the button at the center of the flower.

Now your shirt isn't so plain anymore! This would have been way more expensive had you bought it like this in the shops.

Isn't it great to sew?


  1. Looks like you are putting the fabric I sent to good use. They go really well with that yellow t-shirt.

    Love it!!!

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