Monday, October 13, 2008

The birthday boy plus other homefront happenings

My youngest son, Matthew, turned 7 yesterday! This is him, having fun with his new Nintendo DS lite...

We skipped the big 7th birthday party and in place, gave Matthew this rather expensive birthday present. Months ago, he was planning on inviting his school friends for his celebration but I sort of brainwashed him into choosing a 'nice' gift over a big bash. We still ate out though, in a place of his choice, but only invited our one and only close relative here, my brother and his family.

In other news, our backyard renovation is underway. My husband is no Jamie Durie, but he has been busy seriously planning our own 'backyard blitz'. Yesterday, he cut down a couple of small trees and as you can see from the photos, dismantled some bricks and that round table slumped in the background. Next up would be the clothesline.

He hopes to finish his pet project in about a month's time. I'll surely post photos here when the transformation is complete.

And yes, of course, before I go, some crafting news. Made this second mini messenger bag for my daughter. This one has a neat adjustable strap! More photos of this bag on my web album.

Have a nice day!


  1. I really love the bag! The fabric choice is so wonderful too. =)
    And happy belated birthday to your son. I celebrated my birthday on October 12th too =D

  2. Hi Lyn, What a coincidence! Belated happy birthday to you,too!

  3. cute bag.. And a happy birthday to your boy. My moms birthday was yesterday!

    As a side note I just looked at you clock and was shocked at the time until I realized that you are on the other side of the world from me. well maybe not complete other side but close enough.