Friday, February 1, 2008

Why exactly am I starting this blog??

I am not sure how to answer that question. My kids went back to school today (after the long summer school holidays) and I was thinking of something new to do now that I am back to being peacefully alone around the house. Over the holidays, I had been contemplating on doing some new thing and in the course of my web searching, have come across a lot of blogs. I found them an entertaining read. Those with craft tutorials were really very useful. For one, I acquired some new sewing skills this summer and have started making a few bags. I reckon, with more practice, I will perfect this skill and make bags good enough to sell soon. Which brings to mind another thing I have been contemplating on....I need to get some sort of job and start earning some money of my own. I have been out of the work force for the longest time, concentrating on becoming the ultimate stay at home mum and relying solely on my husband's generosity. Except for a few dollars I've earned over the past couple of years selling stuff on eBay, I've never had real income since I quit my office job (seems like centuries ago). But it's not that simple (with four kids) I have to be creative and think of some other way to earn. Which brings me back to making bags...

Sewing has been real good therapy for me. And maybe, just maybe, blogging would be too.

Why 'Heart of Mary'? It's simply a variation of my real name. If you do eBay, you'll find me there with this name too. That will lead you to another aspect of me.

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