Thursday, February 7, 2008

To Jesus thru Mary - My Handmade Rosaries

I have been making rosaries for sometime now. Through the years, my hobbies have shifted from sewing to cross-stitching to cooking and baking to collecting pottery, but this one remains to be my favourite. To date, I have already given out a lot of rosaries as presents to family and friends. I've also sold quite a number over eBay. The fact that I am able to reach people across the globe through something I had made still amazes me to this day. Very spiritually rewarding, I must say.

The slideshow I am sharing below contains photos of some of the rosaries I have recently made and sold. (I wish I could share more but we recently reformatted our hard drive and I couldn't be bothered to save my old files.) In case anyone gets interested in making rosaries and would like to learn how to, the Rosary Shop offers the best instructions.

For rosary parts supplies, my best choice is a Canada-based online shop called St. Joseph's Mail Order. Great stuff, prices and customer service.

For fancier rosary centers and crucifixes, go to Lewis & Company.

I believe these are all you need to get you started and a whole lot of patience and practice. Happy rosary-making!

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