Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shopping with a Joyful Heart

I frequent the supermarket for three reasons. Firstly, I am not a great menu planner. I usually come up with ideas for the day's meals on the day itself, so whatever ingredients I lack, I have to get from the supermarket immediately. Number two reason is that, having four growing kids, our snack cupboard empties real fast and I have to replenish the stock often. Lastly, it is simply because the supermarket is located halfway between our home and my kids' schools so it is really no big deal for me if I have to stop to buy something, even on a daily basis.

My shopping list is usually scribbled on any small piece of scratch paper I find around the house. So yesterday, when I found some cute and inexpensive 'Shopping List' notepads at a nearby local store, creative ideas started to flow in my mind. Which finally brings me to the whole reason I am doing this post...

Here's something I made late last night to hold my new notepad and pencil.

The procedure to make this was largely based on a tutorial found in One Red Robin. I, of course, adjusted the measurements to suit the size of the notepad. I added only one slot for a pencil and the pocket next to it was for anything else, like my orange post-it. I am absolutely not an experienced seamstress and I tend to rush when I am excited to finish a project so please excuse the bad sewing, uneven edges or whatever flaws you might come to notice.

I was again tempted to pass by the craft store this morning and I chanced upon the 'Joyful Heart' tag. Surely, I had to purchase it and attach it to my notepad holder. Just couldn't resist!

So there you go...I am quite happy with what I've made and would definitely make more of this to give as presents come Christmas.

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  1. Kamusta! Thanks for trying out my tutorial - I think you've done an excellent job in adapting to suit your needs. It's very, very pretty :-)